Guest Post: Stumped About His Birthday Gift? 4 Easy Gift Ideas for Your Man

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This year, instead of the standard tie, gift card and car accessories, why not wow your man while giving him gifts that will make you happy, too. Yes, that’s right, under the guise of generosity you can get your man some toys that will make your life easier and maybe even bring you closer together.

Man Crate

If your guy is a manly-man, get him a Man Crate — it’s so manly that he has to open the box with a crowbar. Choose the perfect theme, such as eating, drinking or outdoors, and have fun watching him dig through the items in his crate. For example, if you choose one from the eating category, it can be filled with exotic meats, jerky, coffee or hot sauce. The best part is, if you like the same types of foods, you can sneak a taste when he’s not looking.


We cannot say enough about Leatherman tools. No matter your man’s interests, chances are that Leatherman makes a tool or product that will suit him perfectly. From multi-tools and pocket knives to hunting gear and tread, Leatherman understands your man’s need to repair things, even if they sometimes aren’t broken. For the guy who isn’t afraid to accessorize, get him Leatherman Tread, a wearable bracelet of all of the important tools in life. Not only will you be getting him something to match his lifestyle, it will look pretty sexy on him, too.

NFL Tickets

Taking an interest in your man’s interests is the way to his heart. If you’ve previously shied away from fully engaging with him on game day, change that this year by committing some time to a hobby he truly enjoys. Surprise him by getting him tickets to see his favorite team play using the official Ticketmaster NFL Ticket Exchange to ensure authenticity and a great seat. Or, if watching the game is the thing he likes to do with his buddies, you can surprise him and his friends with primo tickets and have the house to yourself on game day. Either way, the situation is a win-win.


Have you always hated those La-Z-Boys that he keeps hinting belong in your living room? You’re not alone and there are ways you can both be happy and comfortable. Admittedly, after a hard day’s work, it is awfully nice to sink into a recliner with an ice cold beer. Knowing this, instead of settling for an ugly monstrosity that you will only allow in the house if it is relegated to the basement, why not opt for something stylish with all the creature comforts included? Check out Restoration Hardware for beautiful, vintage leather recliners that will suit your needs and his desires. This way you can both love the space you live in.

While we know that the man in your life may not ask for much, treat him right on his birthday and go the extra yard to make him feel special, trust us, he’ll love it.

Living Better, Single

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The important word here is, “living”. We sometimes forget that despite the obstacles and hardships we face, life still goes on.  We cannot get stuck.

I have been “stuck” these last two weeks, but slowly my feet are trudging through the thick mud so I can live. I heard back from one school, and the professor will not take on my research proposal, so I won’t apply. I still have to hear from one more…so time will tell.

I started getting momentum towards the end of the week when I scouted out another school and emailed a couple of professors. One replied on Friday asking for my draft proposal, so I’m back on the ball! As long as I keep applying…I’ll keep moving in the right direction.

As I try to get other pieces moving in the right direction, this weekend, I thought about what it means to be single. I spent both Friday and Saturday night at home and the days were unremarkable, as there weren’t any events by me, and no one to hang out with. Not a bad thing, as I had a pretty wild one last weekend that resulted in getting an extra hole…somewhere.

Per discussion with a friend, I asked why some people are constantly in relationships,and how they manage to sometimes go from one to another with seemingly short periods of singleness.

“I like being in relationships and having someone to connect with”.

“I like being with someone and not alone”:

“I get lonely and its great having someone to talk or be with”.

“I hate being single”.

By the way, all of these statements were said by men. Surprise right? Despite the stony macho wall that most guys put up, these guys were “relationship oriented”. You’ll also notice that the statements are about connecting on an emotional level and not just about sex. And I also have some old male friends that recently (as of Sunday) put a ring on their relationships.

All these reasons (except for the last one), are great things to have in a relationship: connection, companionship, and communication. Those guys are lucky to find that in every relationship they dived into, however I wonder what happened to the last “C” (commitment), if they move from one to another seamlessly.

It also makes me ponder why I don’t feel like I need these, as strongly as my friends do.

I was born alone, and statistics show that I will also die alone, and young too. Unless you’re a twin or otherwise, we are all born alone, and very few couples actually die together (unless something horrible happened). So I always enjoyed my own company, even when I’m out, I’m still usually in my head.

Chey B, calls this “single by design“. Before anyone is in a relationship, you are single first.The way you define yourself now, is how your partner will see you when you pair up. How you take care of YOU – inside and out, will show when you are partnered up and may determined how successful you are in a relationship.

In other words, if you are lonely or do not enjoy your own company, chances are that other people will not enjoy your company too. If you do not enjoy hanging out with you, then why would someone else enjoy being with you?

I also feel the need to put a disclaimer here: There is a difference between lonely and being alone. Many people can be alone (physically) but not feel lonely (emotional). If someone is feeling lonely, this is internal and not something a “relationship” will solve.

Being single is the opportunity to design yourself and grow to your fullest potential. Of course, when you’re ready you can share the fruits of your labor with someone worthy.


Again, you worked hard on growth and development, you will want to share it with someone that will appreciate it. Many of the statements listed above reveal persons who may not be fully developed and ready for a relationship. Hence, they may make bad partners, and we have all had bad partners. So make sure you pair up with the right person at the right time. You don’t want to jump in only to be tossed back out by being single by default.

So tell me 3  traits in each of the following categories:

  •  3 things that you are good at, or that make you awesome
  • 3 things that you want to accomplish or do
  • 3 things that you want to improve or get better at

Three things that make me awesome:

I can leg press up to 360 pounds, I’m very organized, and I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue.

Three things that I want do:

Go back to school! Travel to Africa and the Middle East, learn another language and target shooting.

Three things I need to improve:

The languages I had already learned (I’m forgetting Italian, Mandarin, and French since I don’t use those often), stop biting my nails, be better at communication, especially my feelings.

So let me know on Facebook, Twitter, G+, or post it on my board!

Turned Down

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Well, I just lost my mind.

Its very difficult for a girl to ask a guy out. We’re either “too bold” and may intimidate a man, or we need to be “more forward” and tell a guy we’re interested.

For the last two weeks, these have been the conflicting advice that I’ve been given from friends and associates. For a guy its simple, if you’re interested — ask her out. For us, its some weird balance between being silently bold and forward, but yet never approaching and sitting at the seat waiting for someone else to initiate.

Well, I have struck out and been turned down. After what happened last year, my primal urges have returned with a vengeance…despite taking up extra hobbies like: applying for school, working multiple jobs, and upping my gym routine, I had trouble quieting this instinct.

Its time to hunt. And then feed.

Now, while I never go praying-mantis on a guy, I am this close to clubbing one over the head and dragging down a dark alley.

Long story – short, I walked away with someone’s email address.

staring at computer, gawking at computer, waiting for an email., S.C Rhyne


Everyone tells me this is a good thing. I guess numbers these days are just too much to remember, especially when they are not in order.

I don’t know when or if I will start a cyber-journey with this dude, but here are some tips to asking a guy out based on my experience.


Really, don’t straight out and ask him, “Let’s go back to your place,” or “What’s your number?” or any variation of this question. If you want to initiate contact, great! But do it with friendly conversation on some mutual topic, like the sports game that is playing at the bar.  You two should fall into such great conversation that he will be dying to ask when he can see you again…hopefully. If not, then there was nothing there. Even the shyest guy will find a way to contact you again.

Stay Classy!

Ladies, how many times have you turned down a guy? I bet you did at least twice this weekend! Whether he was obviously asking you out, or was sending subtle glances and smiles your way while on the train. Well, you better be able to handle rejection like a classy lady in public and pour it all out like a bitch with a blog in private. If a guy says no, or is rude and ignores you — move on. Move on to another seat, another drink, or even a different bar if you have to. Now, if its someone you know or that’s in your circle (co-worker or colleague..etc) definitely keep things cordial so it doesn’t affect your day-to-day life.

Now if he said, “Yes” but fucked you over, then tear him down.

No one can please you….like YOU!

So, did you spend half the night going from bar to bar, only to come home alone? Well I found a solution to that. Get a pet! Having a dog or cat can make great companionship and bring a different level of affection and loyalty.

As well as a  Jack Rabbit will help fulfill your carnal needs.

So what tips do you have for asking out a guy? And guys, do you like being approached, and if so, how?

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Its All Downhill From Here

I hope everyone enjoyed the short week; for me it couldn’t end fast enough.

Not only did I not go to the gym all week (and this usually is when bad things start to happen), but a lot of things started to…fuck up.

Things were FUCKING UP left and right, up and down, and all around. I was fucked over so many times that Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy couldn’t last with the week I had.

Thursday was the worst. Have you ever had three cars die on you in one afternoon? All I wanted to do was get my hair done, shower and dress, maybe play around with a little eyeliner for a get-together in the evening. Since it looked like it would rain, and a fresh hair-do and torrential rainstorms are frowned upon circumstances, I just needed a car to take me there (1 mile away) and back.

After two unsuccessful tries, I finally was able to get a car to take me there, but not back. So I waited for the bus as the rain started to come…and waited, and waited. I didn’t have much time to play around with eyeliner as I got home because now I had to take the bus and subway to my evening rendezvous.

But my train was delayed due to an incident, signal problems, or some other vague explanation that NYC’s transit operators may or may not announce.

So much for getting out more.

Well, the fuckery didn’t stop there. After mingling with my colleagues, I went to a food table to find something to eat when, no kidding, a guy says to me, “Hey, aren’t you that girl who wore the vintage baseball shirt a few weeks ago?”

So no way, right? A guy recognizes me from a shirt I borrowed from my brother and wore once almost a month ago. And he remembered how I got it, and where I was from, and he thought he saw me on some random day…yadda yadda yadda. So I start talking and asking questions, his name is Tim. But then Tim’s friend, Paul, came by and he introduced me and I’m polite and say hello to Paul and asked what he does…and Tim walked away. He starts talking to a group of girls!!

So I’ve been winged! PUA’d! FUCKED!

Anyway, I’m still smiling and talking to Paul and asking him about his background, when I noticed that Paul’s speech became…broken. In other words, he started hesitating and saying things like, “Uhhhh…ummmm…well…” How hard is the damn question, “Why did you choose this field of law?” But then I see it: the matrimonial ring of death on his left hand. He had been visibly making a show of stroking his face and chin so hard with it, he might as well have bitch-slapped me and told me kiss the gold-colored band. Especially since the guy is right-handed. His bitch-slapping hand.

Well, that’s the end of that. Where’s Tim? (These aren’t real names, by the way).

girl alone at the bar, girl smoking, hazy picture, S.C Rhyne

Friday was a little better. Remember that time I wrote about my men problems? Yes, so after several months I agreed to a dinner and a boat ride as a treat for my birthday with Mr. Fifty-something. We agreed to it last week, and things seem normal until Tuesday night. I was coming home from a walk when he gave me a call. This was around 8:30 and I was just reaching my doorstep; so I asked to call him back in a half-hour, which I did and he didn’t answer, so I left a message.

Now, all my friends know, I’m physically in bed by 9pm, and gone by 11, maybe before then. But sometime around 11pm, I heard the phone ring until the answering machine picked up. After that, it rang and rang and rang again. In my dreamy haze, it sounded like it had rung for 15 minutes straight! I got up to answer, thinking its some huge issue. Turns out, he just wanted to say, “Hi”.

“Oh, are you sleeping?” He asks.

NO! I’m fucking a guy half your age, you prick!

“Yes.” I reply. After looking at the caller ID, the dude had called me four times in a row! Ironically, when it came time to meet on Friday, he was totally normal. No weird advances, kept his hands to himself, and we hung out and talked about things I would normally talk about with a friend. In fact, I even gave him advice about his ex-girlfriend who keeps popping into his life.

Today, nothing happened and that’s the way I like it. Geez, who knows what next week will bring. If I’m lucky, maybe a bullet to the head! Work sucks and I still haven’t heard back from prospective schools and graduate programs.

It all headed downhill this week. All one could do was strap on a seat-belt (or a condom, if you’re getting fucked) since so much was out of control. Have you ever had a really bad week? Or bad day? What do you do to weather the storm?

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By the way, this week wasn’t all bad news, a winner for the Wild Wednesday Lingerie shopping spree has been chosen. Congratulations to @imbulky! This Indiana resident has won the spree with Leonisa for sexy lingerie. Thank you to Leonisa for sponsoring this blog give away. Please send congratulatory tweets to @imbulky and visit Leonisa website for intimate items for him and her.

The Longest Weekend

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What a weekend! I must say, every year when I reach this time, its usually a celebration as my birthday and Labor Day are never too far apart, but to fall within a day of each other, had me living in a haze for the past 72 hours.

The above collage are just snapshots from events and doings since Friday. I received a mysterious dozen red roses on my doorstep on Friday night…so I’m feeling the love!

I went from a late night steak dinner on Friday, to spending all Saturday night at New York City’s first and only casino, Resorts World, to the fame Labor Day parade on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn today. Not to mention, cramming all my normal routines like; going to the gym, three loads of laundry, softball practice (which I watched, since I couldn’t play because of sprained wrists), and daydreaming about a guy.

Yes, I do need to carve out some time for that last one.

On Thursday and Friday, both my introductory subscription boxes came in. I signed up for a promotion with Try The World, which is a food box of ethnic culinary. I received a Japan and France box, in another month, I will get a box from another country.

I also received Julep, which is a makeup subscription box, and received a “September Bombshell” nail polish in honor of my Virgo heritage.

By Sunday night, I was able to kick back and indulge in some homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate mousse, as you see in the top picture. Feel free to check out this recipe for my favorite flavored ice cream.

So, speaking of Virgos, I have been posting a lot on my Facebook account about Virgos. If you remember last year, I dedicated a post about it on my birthday, I am still your classical Virgo woman. I don’t have -163 in the bank account, but unfortunately my gambles at the casino didn’t lead to that big pay day I hoped for.

I’ve been a bit obsessed about astrological readings lately. Almost every website that I looked on about Virgo women in relationships, work, or personality, say the exact same thing and it fits me to a T. Hence, I have joked about putting a public notice to find a Taurus or Capricorn man, or possibly a thick-skinned Pisces (the last Pisces…well you know). This is not an official call, but if you are….feel free to comment below.

Alright! Enough chatter, here are my goals for this birth-year.

Better health:

Not just physically, but also mentally. When I’m hurt, I’m going to take care myself immediately and not wait for the pain to “just go away” by itself. I also need to make more down time for myself to just decompress. Its hard for Virgos to shut our brains off, but I need to find a way. I have found that since leaving my full time work, I have been happier in general. Just a happier person. Broke, but happy.

More involved:

I don’t have a lot of time. But I do want to become more involved in some community activities. I’m a volunteer on paper right now, as I have not had a lot of time to actively participate. I did start being more social (as I had complained earlier this summer), and am participating in a couple adult sport teams (hence the sprained wrists).


This is one is the kicker. I started the end of last year, and then the holidays came and I never picked back up. I need to get into the habit of writing my chapters again. I have a couple so far, but I feel out of practice and out of habit of doing so. I say, “I’m going to write the next chapter at 2pm,” but then next thing you know, its 8pm and I haven’t even opened up a blank word document. This always happen to me.

I definitely appreciate any suggestions, especially for the last goal. I would really like to achieve some of these in a few weeks or a couple months at most. If you had a birthday this summer, I also want to hear your wishes and goals for your new stage of life!

As always, you can reach me on social media on Facebook, twitter, or G+ to name a few! I am also on pinterest sharing recipe ideas and pictures.

S.C Rhyne

Small Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship

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If you want a relationship that lasts, you need to find ways to make each other happy that are unique to you as a couple. There are hundreds of little things you can do — and the little things often have the biggest impact. Whether it’s leaving love notes for your partner to find or simply making sure to say “I love you” before you leave for work, show your partner how much you care. If you’re not sure where to start, consider the following ideas:

Cook for Your Partner

Pick at least two nights every month to cook for your partner. Don’t tell the other person what you’re making, but devote the time and energy to ensure it is a special evening. Although scheduling a date night to go out is a good idea, sometimes staying home together and enjoying good food can feel more intimate and romantic.

Compete With Each Other

One of the best ways to strengthen your relationship is to challenge each other. Although you can play games like Monopoly and chess to have some friendly competition, make up little competitions that are unique to you as a couple. For example, see who can find the best low-priced gift for the other person every month or race to see who can be the first to get home from work on a Friday. Debate with each other or see who can run longer at the gym. Whatever it is, make sure it means something to you. As a reward, the winner can pick the dessert, receive a massage or choose a different small treat.

Try New Activities

Make a habit of trying all sorts of new activities with one another. Set a date for once every three months that can act as a seasonal holiday for you to try something new. For example, go to a cooking class or salsa lesson together. The key is to find activities that neither one of you have done so you can learn together. You can foster a lot of intimacy and a deeper connection when you help each other learn, grow and get through uncomfortable situations.

Create Code Words

Relationships are about connection and the bond only the two of you have. Extend this connection to language by making up a few code words that only your partner understands. This way, when you’re at a cocktail party or picnic with friends, you can continue to communicate privately even when everyone else can hear what you’re saying. Pick a secret word that means “I love you” and another that signifies “I’m bored.” Or, best of all, chose one that means “Let’s get out of here and have some fun.”

Take the Next Step

If your relationship feels like it’s in a rut or you want to take the next step, discuss moving in together. Deciding to be responsible and accountable to one another is a great way to show your love for one another. Beyond choosing what furniture you want to move into your new place, talk about your habits, cleanliness preferences and finances. Know how you want to handle your money as a couple and how you can be safe when paying bills online. And even though some of the logistics aren’t sexy or exciting, being able to make decisions together is good for your relationship.