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BOOK REVIEW: The Reporter and The Girl (Minus The Superman) by S.C. Rhyne


Sweet and simple review… for a hot and spicy debut novel!

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This author’s blog was one of the first few that I started following when I decided to get this site up and running. So needless to say, I’ve always been interested in her work and the fact that the blog was later converted into her debut novel was all the more incentive for me to read it.

Set in New York, this is certainly not your typical love story. It introduces us to two characters, Sabrien and Jon who give the true definition of the phrase opposites attract. I found myself on a roller coaster of emotions while reading. At a certain point, I was happy for them as an item and later became frustrated with them for their self-destructive behaviors all the while personally relating to Sabrien’s account of the rise and fall of their so-called relationship.

This book is for anyone who’s ever found themselves lost in the…

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Giveaway: Sterling jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry: Giveaway


A jewelry give away on this blog!! Check it out!

Originally posted on Inspiration MYCreation:

Hi everybody! First off I would like to start out by saying thanks to those who have supported my blogs from day one… I’m doing this for you. There’s a lot that goes into blogging and posting pictures each and everyday, it can be time consuming and sometimes stressful but you all make it fun for me. Since I really enjoy jewelry (like who doesn’t) I supposed I would do a jewelry give giveaway ..somewhat of a Boho-like theme with a value of about $350. Each piece has it’s own unique characteristic about them and you may have seen me wear these pieces once or twice on my blog. These pieces are quite ideal and can be paired with any look or style. The jewelry I will be giving away all have hallmarks engraved with either the designer’s name and or .925 which authenticate sterling silver. This is a ONE…

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Book Review: The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!)


One of my blog followers wrote this review! You should visit her website for cool finds of other indie works!!

Originally posted on Is It Just Me?:

FrontCover.Final - Copy Have you ever read something that resonated so personally that it could have been your own story? That’s how it felt when I first started reading   The Reporter and The Girl (MINUS The Super Man!)  a blog chronicling the relationship of a women in her 20′s in New York with the elusive and entrancing reporter ‘Jon’.  The blog was so popular that the author S C Rhyne published a novel based on it.

Set in New York Rhyne’s debut novel is a brilliant account of first love between Sabrien Collins and Jon Sudbury. Anyone can relate to the all consuming and overwhelming feelings that come with the ‘fall’. A compelling and truthful account with none of the stereotypical chicklit devices, you won’t find any love triangles here, just an honest and at times cringe inducing tale of love/lust gone awry. While the story is a work of fiction the…

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The Last


Another video!! Guys, take note of this.

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Awwwww this video is so cute… You should watch this if you are as romantic as I am! : ) – or if you’re a guy and you want to say the sweetest thing ever to the girl you love.

Seriously, when I watched this video, I had this huge smile on my face and sparkles in the eyes… I’m not kidding!

I want to meet a guy that will make my heart melt like the one in the video! I want to fall in love with “the good guy” who will be able to make me smile everyday, who will understand me, protect me, be there for me… I think every girl want to find a guy like that, right?

Yes… I am this kind of girl who is still waiting for the perfect prince charming ahah! I am sure he is somewhere in this world : ) – Don’t…

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The Reporter and the Girl: MINUS the Superman Book Review!


I stumbled onto her blog and saw she wrote a review!

Originally posted on Ches's Weekly Book Review!:

Hi guys another book review from me! This novel was sent to me by the author herself.

You can check her and the novel out at her site:

Like her page on facebook:

Follow her on twitter: @reporterandgirl

So here’s the review! :D

P.S. This is for mature audiences. (Like seriously)


FrontCover.Final - CopySummary/Description:

Welcome to the rabbit hole…

I am the last person in New York City who would fall head over heels in love. Independent.  Self-possessed. Why would I want to f**k that up? My online dating profile at simply reads: “Just looking.”

So why am I obsessing about Jon Sudbury?

Jon, the reporter, is vanilla as a milkshake and has probably never tasted rice and beans on the same plate before we met.

At least that’s what I thought. Why can’t people remain simple and predictable? All I want is control, not to be sent…

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The Reporter and The Girl MINUS the Super Man by S.C. Rhyne ~ Character Interview ~ #ASMSG #IRMC


An interview with the main character, Sabrien Collins. #ReporterandTheGirl

Originally posted on L. V. Lewis:

frontcover-final-copyThe internet is truly a wonderful place to connect with people hundreds of miles away from you who share similar passions. Since my debut as an indie author more than a year ago now, I’ve met scores of other authors, many of whom I have grown to love and admire. I connected with S.C. Rhyne via my blog and was immediately intrigued by the book she was penning, which she has released in paperback only on Amazon. Ereader users will need to go to Smashwords to snag a copy. However, I can’t say enough how unique her building of this story has been, and the graphics alone on her blog are enough to get you intrigued and keep you there until you can’t wait to fully engage with the book.

To do something a little different for my blog, I decided to interview one of S.C. Rhyne’s characters. So, without…

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