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Chapter 6: I Have STD

Chapter 5: DANGER! Steep Curve

Chapter 4: Rabbithole

Chapter 3: Home is where…The Spirit Dies

Chapter 2: Backspace + Ctrl + Enter: Hi, I’m Looking for The Naked Lunch

Chapter 1: The Snob

Introduction: The Best Kept Secret in Weightloss — Relationships

© 2012 -2013 S. C Rhyne

100 thoughts on “Story Board

  1. This is the reverse Story Board | TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperman! blog for anyone who wants to assay out out most this topic. You mention so overmuch its nigh wearing to present with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new protract on a matter thats been longhand about for geezerhood. Pleasant object, just majuscule!


  2. I love this introduction.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.


      1. haha, thankyou! I’m just writing what i think & describe everyday. & some regular extra stuff (pics, about me, quotes). Hope you write more, i enjoyed! Love, Bo.


    1. Hi Onlinemedia, thanks for the compliments, Jonnelle Monzon helped with my website design, and I can refer him upon request. I’m glad you enjoyed my writings, thanks for visiting me!


    1. Hi BlondeBrunetteTravel,

      Thanks for coming by my page, and unfortunately this is a real story. As real as my memory serves me. I changed the names but it’s my story in blovel (blog + novel) format. I hope you continue to follow and have a happy weekend!


  3. Hey got a question for ya: I rarely scan for other blogs I might like, and never outside my sphere of interests (which is quite big come to think of it). So I’m wondering just one thing that I’d love an honest answer to: Did you look at my blog because of an interest in landscape/nature photography, or was it a more or less random pick? This is just an idle but relevant curiosity that would help me understand blogging a bit better. For one thing I wonder if it’s true that many writers like photography and vice versa (I love good writing). By the way, thanks a bunch for checking me out, and good luck!


    1. Hi,

      I found you blog by random (typed a keyword in and looked to see who was blogging about it) but I intentionally liked you. Lol! I think most people who just type a keyword and look at the blogs that come up.


  4. Hi TheGirl,
    thank you for liking my blog over at sojournersrealm. I first thought that you’d be someone I knew from GameSpot. I’m frankly quite surprised that you found my blog but thanks once again for taking the time to read it.

    I’ve made it to Chapter 7 of your blog (chapter 6 nearly made my jaw drop). I’m also digging the art that accompanies each Chapter. Did you draw all this? If so, kudos! It’s simple yet visually appealing.

    ~ fend

    P.S : Followed ;)


  5. Having gone through your video, I found it very interesting and denotative of a dexterous skill. It is so nice.
    My thanks to you for several of your ‘likes’ on my blog posts. Besides liking yours, I too feel like following you, and this I am doing with immediate effect. All the best always.


  6. The Girl,
    Fantastic concept, and wonderful execution. I read though several of your opening episodes, and I am an instant fan. On a personal note: I have navigated the murky waters of online dating on a few occasions, and even just those few times have left me with some crazy memories. Your blog is a fresh and new feel and medium, and perfect for the kind of episode-style piece you’re producing.
    Thank you for coming over and having a look at some of my work, I appreciate you “Liking” my material. I love writers—we are indeed a unique breed!—and am always available for feedback and support of any kind. Me email, twitter, and blog contact resources are at your disposal. Also, I read that you are/were short an illustrator. I know someone whose work and style would be an easy fit. She’s extremely talented. Let me know.
    Again, really great work here. I’m stoked to discover you (thanks for that!).
    Wishing you all the best!



    1. Hi Christopher!!!

      Thanks for visiting me and writing me a reply. I am new at this and glad to be part of the community and learning from others!

      I’m glad you can relate to my story and that I’m not alone….in this cold dark scene…

      Thanks for visiting!


      1. Keep an eye out on twitter, and via your blog followers, and you’ll find there a definitely writers out there that are truly supportive and can, thru their own “likes” & “follows” intro you to more creative folks of the same level of passion and empathy in their craft. It doesn’t have to be “cold and dark.” : )
        I look forward to more of your series. My stuff often is much darker (in some cases tremendously so) but a do have an episode project that, despite the title, is funny and bizarre; Diary of a Serial Killer. Have a look if you get a moment. Cheers!


  7. H-how did you get so many followers?
    Please, teach me your ways, oh master writer. I have no idea how to draw people in…
    Then again, your story’s great. Maybe it’s just me?


    1. Hi Avery Thorne,

      Well, its a lot of hard work, and spend a few hours a day being active on social media sites and the blog. As well as timely postings…

      I’m sure you’l get there, keep writing and keep being active!

      Thanks for the compliments!


  8. so much fun! appreciate you stopping by foodforfun for the beet brownie fail. I enjoy stumbling upon blogs (such as yours) that aren’t food related. Spend so much of my time in the food world, it’s refreshing to find other fun talents–writing, drawing, storytelling–to enjoy :-)


  9. TheGirl,
    I am so impressed! What an amazing experience you must be having. It is so enjoyable as the reader to be a part of it. I’ve just started to read and I’m hooked. Thank you for liking my post on Intention. I LOVE yours. So well done. Very cool. Looking forward to the weekly epi-posts!

    With love, Amanda


    1. Hi Amanda!

      Thanks for swinging by and joining my experience. Its definitely have been a world-wind and in such a short period of time! I have found a love for writing and interacting with viewers, so thanks to readers like you for helping to create this blog!


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