Introduction: The best kept secret in weight loss…


The way men and women relate and communicate to each other has gotten more complicated and difficult to navigate than the current U.S. Immigration laws. Especially when you’re young, naïve, and just a little bit crazy, and you find someone with the exact same attributes.

Thus, brings me to my recent experience with a young gentleman we will call Jon **. Now Jon and I are a year apart, and he works as a reporter in the city. Our first date was a blind one, and quickly hit the ceiling on an intense physically affectionate experience. Now, I admit I’m not a nun, I have been physical before early on when meeting someone, but there was something about Jon I saw in his eyes when he spoke. It was like I could see the whole world when he was talking, literally like watching a movie and seeing the world as he saw it. We talked on the phone almost every night, and texted each other every day from morning to night.

Now, for the red flags; yes every time you and your partner get into the relationship mobile, and decide to gun it at 300 miles per hour, all the warning signs pointing to the upcoming cliffs and curves may have been a blur, but you definitely saw them. You can say that I was carsick, since the night I first met Jon.  I was excited and beyond pleased when he stood up and I gave him a customary hug and he offered me his arm as we walked to local pub.  He seemed pleased too.  I thought he was incredibly handsome, polite, and boyishly charismatic.

Throughout our conversation, the pupil of his eyes remained dilated and would triangulate as he turned to sip a beer mug in between his statements. I probably remember more about his shape shifting eyes then the things we talked about; but he filled me in a way that I couldn’t eat, I didn’t need breakfast, lunch, or kick boxing. Talking to him was…my survival. This is the beginning of my weight loss diary. I broke my 5-day gym habit, and started eating out- 10pm at night at Jon’s apartment while my weight and mind began to waste away.

I met this man online, initially having low desire and expectations for anything beyond a casual friendship to develop. He on the other hand was experiencing his first blind date; possibly even the first one he managed to conjure up on his own without the assistance of a “wingman” or a “Go-to-guy” with a cocktail in hand. Our expectations, anxieties, and fantasies toed a delicate line of appeasement and contempt. It pushed and pulled at our souls between frustration, confusion, and yearning. And so began “The Reporter and The Girl: MINUS The Super Man!”

Next week’s preview

The Snob

“Yeh I’m 25 about to have a birthday soon, your profile said we’re the same age….so I messaged you cause there’s not a lot guys in my age group in the area….”

Jon- “I’m actually 24, oh I actually changed that on purpose”

“Oh ha ha ha….so now who’s trying to hide something! You ragged on me for having a blocked number?”

Jon – “Not trying to fucking hide anything, just hiding my identity”

I’m thinking: Douchebag

Jon- “I’m excited to meet you tomorrow”

Sabrien – “Why?”

**Names in the story has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual and any similarities to actual persons, either living or dead, are merely coincidental.**

© 2012 -2013 S. C Rhyne

54 thoughts on “Introduction: The best kept secret in weight loss…

  1. I haven’t read too much of this yet, but I watched the intro video and I LOVE this whole concept!! I also love superheroes and comics, so though there’s no Superman, I love the storyboard idea and the style of the artist! I have to get ready for work as it’s close to 7 am. But, can’t wait to get back to read more!!

    (Oh, and based on the intro, I lived this, but at about 34-35. Immediate strong attraction, going 100 mph, saw the red flags, 2 years of off and on roller coaster highs and lows relationship and finally broke free of it. Now, I’m engaged to someone to whom I didn’t feel that immediate attraction immediately, but now I love with all of my heart and brings me calm and peace. Hopefully that’ll happen for the girl ;).)



    1. Hi Shelli,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your sentiments, I really appreciate it! I’m glad you like the video and enjoy the concept of the blog. I hope to see you again soon!


  2. Thanks for the like on my blog. I know you have received a ton of compliments already about your blog but the design is great!

    As for the relationship end of it, I have been in a few like what you wrote about. I admired the girl for being a seemingly strong willed person. Then the relationship took off like the space shuttle…sadly, the Challenger to be specific. Then it went fast and furious until a catastrophic melt down occurred.

    As corny as it may sound…it is all about going slow with some marketing put into the mix. Items at Wal-Mart can be bought at anytime so you do not value them. A luxury item has to be viewed a few times, thought about, and then desired. Then the person has to work to get it. Striving to be a luxury item is the way to go!


    1. Hi StPeakSteve,

      Thanks so much for your advice…I definitely agree that slow is best, but perhaps since I was so stricken…I know that I moved faster than I would have. But hey, what can you do? If it was meant to be it will happen.


  3. Thanks for checking out my blog. Don’t be afraid to comment 😉

    I met my boy on the interweb although it was not a first “blind date” for either of us. It started, and continued at 300 miles and hour for both of us but both of us were looking for red flags, both waiting for the shoe to drop. There weren’t any… flags or shoes. We texted/IM’ed all the time. Now we talk all the time, but now it’s in person and we live together. The heat of the fire that I feel for him burns as hot as it did in the beginning, if not hotter.


    1. Hi Miss,

      Will do,

      That sounds like a great story and I’m so happy to hear that you found a great guy and you two are getting along as hot as ever!!

      It’ll keep the hopeless romantics still chasing, to have an ounce of what you two have!


  4. Nice ! Prayer from an Eternal Romantic – may god give you enough love to share with all you love ! Love is such that you are bound to get it back if you keep on sharing it !


  5. Hey,i read all of your posts!very interesting i like your style,very captivating…had me pulling up a seat,and each time i finished left me wanting to read the next one…
    You said you would like to visit Ethiopia Ghana and Sierra Leon ..what about Kenya?


    1. Hi hun,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my posts! Yep I would definitely visit Kenya, I haven’t been to Africa at all, and would love to travel from south to north, east to west! I hope to hear from you again soon!


  6. You and me both @dawnspitfire.
    @TheGirl – thanks for liking my blog posts. You have an interesting concept going on here–I’m glad you’re also on YouTube too. I’ll be tuning in. Chat soon!


  7. I LOVE your blog and storyboard. Super cute! I’m looking forward to catching up on everything! I’m happy you’re learning at 25. I didn’t start paying attention to the signs until I turned 36!


    1. Oh hey Denise!

      Thanks for sharing and supporting our work! Well I thought I was old….I felt like I should have learned this at 19…oh well….enjoy your weekend!


  8. Well…you kinda like reporters…I can see why. The smooth style, the looks and smile which says “trust me.” It’s a lot to swoon over! Just be careful. As you said, the faster you go, the more roadsigns you miss. And, remember, the reporter is true to his story before anything.

    Thanks for the visit to my newsroom. I’ll look forward to more of them in the future! Good book…



      1. It’s a gift, and a curse! Now if it were only really true! You are very welcome for the visit, and my return thanks for the reply and visits.

        Hope to see you again soon…


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