Chapter 2: Backspace + Ctrl+ Enter

Hi I’m Looking for…Naked Lunch

Sabrien — “So what are you looking for?”

You will hear this question more than once. However, unlike emails people cannot:

Backspace – Erase what you said

Ctrl – control your emotions/biases

Enter – Put something new again

Sitting next to Jon, I gazed at his profile as he contemplated the selection of drinks.

There’s no way he’s over 21, maybe I should ask to see his ID?

Luckily the bartender spared me the embarrassment. He has a very slim build and wore jeans and loosely fitted shirt and carried a messenger bag that he rested on the seat. I smiled to myself as I thought: My very own neighborhood paperboy!

I quickly looked back with feigned interest in my own drink; while clearing my mind of inappropriate journalism fantasies. I opened up with neutral banter, “How was work?…”

I studied the features of his face, not because I thought he was overly handsome or repulsive, but I had a lens of envy in my eye. We’re practically the same age, how is his skin so much smoother and younger looking than mine? Other than the lightly colored shoots of stubble breaking way for life, there was no way the average person would think this man before me had long past puberty. Other than that he was normal looking guy. As normal looking as a sociopath; then my ears perked up-

Jon – “I just want to have fuuun,” he embellished as he leaned back in his seat and looked at me with his triangle pupils. “And with someone that loves trying new things…this is my first blind date”

Looking back at his plain cheesiness, I thought his boyish and geeky manner of crooning his words shot at me like an arrow through my back. But I tried to remain calloused.

Sabrien – “You think this is a date? What kind of stuff do you like to do?”

While we went back and forth about how nervous we were moments before meeting; anxiously scouring nearby pedestrians for each other. We complimented each other on our attractiveness and joked in relief at our less handsome bystanders.

Jon – “Can I use the bathroom?”

Sabrien – “Can’t you hold it? I still have more to ask you.”

Jon – “Yes, Ma’am”

Sabrien – “Tell me more about The Naked Lunch

Jon — “…it’s pretty interesting, it doesn’t have a plot cause its different stories…”

After a bit, we took off (much to a relieved bartender) and walked around the streets a bit until we came to a hookah lounge. We made ourselves very comfortable on the love seat sectionals, this time discussing our more intimate and taboo desires.

TABOO – This show is named after you, Jon.

Let’s put him to the test…see what he can handle

Sabrien –“ I’m trying to relax, massage my shoulders”

Jon – “Yes Ma’am” as he clumsily worked his hands through my shoulder, with uneven and light pressure…

Its ok, but it doesn’t make me moan… 

He touched the base of my neck and gently worked through the curly roots that were still a bit damp from that afternoon’s shower.

Jon – “Can I kiss you?”


Sabrien – “Hhhmmm…you’re nice….how about you kiss me here (I pointed to my knees) and eventually you’ll work your way up.”

I giggled in delight as he leaned over and placed two soft smooches above my knee caps. But on the way back to the train station, I realized there was venom in his saliva. My mouth dried up, I was a little disoriented, and my stomach filled with heaviness; it wasn’t nauseating, but made that afternoon’s meal the last one I’d have for a long time.

He pushed me against the municipal building as his lips and tongue invaded my mouth, neck, and ears. After a few moments he chuckled and gazed at me: his eyes were completely tantric. I called out to him but he was gone, he couldn’t hear me. So far gone…and I was falling fast behind him.

Next Week: Ch. 3

Home is where…the spirit dies

Text message:

Awesome, I’m going to stop by the store and pick up some stuff for tonight

Jon apparently has many great talents with his hands, aside from computer work. 🙂

© 2012 -2013 S. C Rhyne

19 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Backspace + Ctrl+ Enter

  1. Hello Sabine
    Sabine –“ I’m trying to relax, massage my shoulders”
    Jon – “Yes Ma’am” as he clumsily worked his hands through my shoulder, with uneven and light pressure…

    Hahaha, that is funny; a crucial test. I bet you knew you had him then?
    I like that you mentioned gentrification; what is it that makes you follow that part of New York? Did you say what your profession is? Very amusing blog by the way, I laughed several times and I sill have A LOT more to read. Thank you.


    1. Hi

      I’m glad you enjoyed my posting, no I did not mention my profession; Jon was living in that neighborhood (the name I left out purposely) and I had been there times before on business. Enjoy reading the rest and let me know what you think!



  2. So far, I’m absolutely loving this. I can’t wait to read the other chapters you have up…which unfortunately has to wait until I finish some other stuff; otherwise I won’t get anything at all done today.


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