Hurricane Update! Love to All!

Hope everyone is safe during Hurricane Sandy! We don’t have internet connection today, so we haven’t been posting. TheGirl signed up to volunteer during the relief efforts at shelters across the city. Proves that you don’t need a super guy in your life, you are each your own hero because you have something to give. Peace and Blessings!

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Update! Love to All!

  1. This is very kind. You know, isn’t life just… sort of surreal. It was big news, now it is passed, just as a storm does pass.

    I hope everyone is putting their lives together again OK. God, thank mercy I’ve never had to go through such…


    1. Yep, I work for a Community Organization, and we were visited by the Red Cross the other day about collaborating so we can reach the community better to see who was affected. I mean for the city to truly get back to the way it was before #HurricaneSandy, we’re talking 2 to 5 years. There are still thousands of people without power in their homes. And these last few weeks have been very cold. 😦


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