Addendum to Chapter 8

First time always makes a lasting impression. I think awkward and confused would be the impression Jon and I made on each other after our first night. I write this chapter in humorous vein, because although neither of us got the picture perfect scene we wanted, we still were very much into each other and tried hard to work on syncing our “timing.” Hey when you’re in love, it always feels good!  Have a humorous love story gone wrong? Share it with TheGirl!!


By the time we were together my heart was ina whirlwind
By the time we were together my heart was ina whirlwind

8 thoughts on “Addendum to Chapter 8

  1. I set a scene. I was all organised. He was naked. I shouted at him & slapped him across the face. Instead of sending him into sub space it sent him to an abusive relationship in the past. Domme fail! but not as fumbly as your encounter.


    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that, sometimes its better to get a thorough history before we delve into that. However the issue here was that I let him plan the night and he was newbie!


      1. Alas it would take me a long time to get a full history on a 50 year old man. It was a live and learn thing for both of us. He has no input into the design or organisation of a scene. I’m his Domme so that job is all mine.


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