Does Your Partner Really Know You? 5 Ways to Find Out

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You Dont Even Know Me

We spend time and intimate space with our boyfriends and girlfriends, but how well do they know us, really?  Five ways to tell is your partner really knows you:

  1. Whether it costs a lot or a little, s/he knows the perfect gift to give you at any given time, holidays and non-holidays.
  2. Even though they wait patiently for you to finish, s/he could finish your sentences for you.
  3. S/he can order food at any restaurant at home or in any foreign country and you would enjoy it.
  4. S/he knows what kind of books you read and movies you like to watch.
  5. They know the secret things you do when you are home alone, just being you, and they do not judge.

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6 thoughts on “Does Your Partner Really Know You? 5 Ways to Find Out

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