Ginger & Carrot cake with a twist

I love carrot cake, hope you guys like this version!

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Come winter time and my memories are of “gajar ka halwa” being prepared in quantities generous enough to feed a couple of large baraats. This was the scene at my house, nani’s house, my friends houses; year after year – I had “gajar ka halwa” coming out of my ears. As a result, I was totally put off by it for life. (To date I can’t indulge in this famous sweet delicacy)

But this winter, the sight of heaps of fresh red carrots at the veggie vendor, spurred the cook in me to try out a ginger carrot cake. Picked up a couple of luscious looking carrots (with Roger rabbit parading in my head, intoning “What’s up doc?”), I browsed a couple of food blogs to find a quick and easy recipe. None matched my expectations. Undeterred, I decided to modify my chocolate cake recipe and replaced the cocoa with the carrots.

The experiment was a piece…

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15 thoughts on “Ginger & Carrot cake with a twist

  1. Oh TheGirl, are we timely into some similar interest at this time? I am into a little cooking recently – don’t laugh – I am just experimenting with frying cheese sticks. Third time and each time they came out different texture?! Hmmm

    Took pics of them. Intend to blog, but not going to pressurise myself now. As I am suppose to be spring cleaning, de-cluttering and white-washing the walls!!! But the more I wanna do these, the more I am . . . procrastinating oops =O

    And I have to get myself a better cyber typing gadget – still wavering between a more expensive ultrabook and a newer t technology but on android technology Galaxy Note 10.1.

    Let’s see what physical action can be covered other than discovering your site and commented🙂


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