Chapter 16: Frenemies






I’m just calling a friend…in 30 minutes

In 20 minutes

In 10 minutes

In 5 minutes

In 2 minutes

Right Now…after these commercials break, and trip to the kitchen…

2 minutes ago…

5 minutes ago….

7 minutes ago…

“Hey, What’s up?!” I asked cheerfully.

“Nothing much…just waiting for food…” Jon responded.

“OK, yeah sorry about yesterday…I know it was last minute, I should’ve invited you earlier.”

A friend and I decided to go see a movie, but by the time I remembered Jon and texted him inviting him to the group; it was a few hours before start time, and apparently like everyone else close to the heart of Manhattan he didn’t like having to travel to the outer boroughs on short notice. The borough of TheGirl.

It wasn’t his stated reason for declining, but I just assume so…knowing that he is a home body.

“Hey so am watching this show called Family Guy, uh—have you heard of it?” I began.

“Of course I’ve fucking heard of it…who in the hell have not fucking heard of Family Guy!?” He exclaimed.

I was caught off guard, not because he heard of the show…its seems that when I asked — he’s heard of something; and when I don’t ask, he’s never heard of that thing. But it was the fact that he’s dropping F- bombs all over the place now.

I hadn’t heard him speak this way since…before we first met

Well, who am I to say anything, he’s no longer with me…in fact, over lunch yesterday, he accused me of trying to change him because I didn’t like the foul language. Strange, but when things were going well in the beginning, he thanked me for making him a better person.

I guess I’m one of the guys now, I thought.

So I mirrored him and laughed off his crude jokes and dropped two F bombs for everyone that he threw at me.

But I really was trying to get to know him as a person, so I asked as many questions about him as I thought I could…

I guess he could sense me poking and prodding too deeply, because he remarked, “You know Sabrien, I hanging out with interesting people….”

I’m not interesting?

“Well, what do you know about me that is interesting?” I asked.

“I don’t know…other than…the sex was interesting” He replied.

“So not that I’ve traveled to Asia and speak some Chinese, while you mockingly repeat one sentence in bastardized Japanese?” I asked.

Seriously, he was the typical White American, who knew one language, had never been out of the country, unless you count that cruise he went on with his parents…am I really not cultured because I don’t watch Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica and drink beverages blended half with milk and ice cream?

“Oh and a few months ago, I received the Medal of Honor from the state” I interjected…I suddenly remembered that thing in a box somewhere in one my kitchen drawers.

“Wait- you” He began.

But I heard a loud click and the call ended.

I called back, he didn’t answer, I couldn’t remember if it went straight to voicemail or if it rang a bit.

But several minutes later he called.

“I dropped my phone, and the battery fell out, so I had to replace it with a new one.” He explained.

“Oohhhh…I was a little sad there, thinking you hung up because of something I said…” I retorted sarcastically.

“Don’t worry I just dropped it by accident, don’t get paranoid thinking I hung up on you. Now what’s this about a medal?” He said.

I explain my nonmilitary-noncombat honor.

“Oh OK” He replied

I’m not sure what he thought that I was alluding to, but he seemed to have calmed down.

And it was in that calm, that I felt my struggles in vain. I didn’t really feel like we were having a friendly chat, I was asking questions and genuinely trying to know him better, but he was resisting, or maybe I wasn’t asking the right questions.

“Any plans for Labor Day?” I asked.

“No, just gonna chill out and smoke some weed” He said

Maybe I offered, but we agreed to hang out and I’d come and see his new place at the end of the weekend.


The next night, I called Jon and he answered with an even more obnoxious greeting than in The Snob:

“YYyyyooooooo, My nigger! What’s up?!?! Gonna tap some of that shit tonight and inhale this Chinese Kung Pao shit!”

OK, honestly it sounded like muffled heavy metal music, I’m not even sure what he said after “What’s Up” I don’t even want to be sure of what he said beforehand.

“Wait, what did you just say?” I asked honestly.

“Nothing, I asked ‘What’s Up.’” He answered in his completely normal speaking manner.

After about 30 minutes of forcing “friendly conversation” I guess the jig was up. He probably knew what I was trying to do, but could see right through it. He hastily dropped the conversation. “I’ll see you on Monday” He said and hung up.

I was trying to ignore this nagging voice, cover it up with my feelings. But this time the voice, the red flag was too loud to ignore.

Does he hate me?

© 2012 -2013 S. C Rhyne

49 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Frenemies

  1. so beg your pardon for asking, but why hold on so tightly? what is it about this person that drives the attachment? he doesn’t seem to be inclined to treat you very well, or to reciprocate your desire to remain friendly…why the self-imposed angst?


    1. That’s a question I kept asking myself throughout. It’s weird because before he never treated me badly, it was after the break-up…then its like he did a complete 180. So maybe I was guilty because in ch 15, he said I was the one to blame….Thanks Fast.Fred for your feedback, I hope to hear from soon again!


  2. It is never just one person’s fault. (Not even in my last relationship before the BF, when my ex told me his guru had said I needed an exorcism. Weird story.) If you do not like how he is treating you, stop talking to him. He won’t change. Find the guy who is great right from the start, and spend your time enjoying him.


    1. Hi Diandralinnemann,

      I definitely believe that and even though I know he was saying things in anger, it gave him no right to say it. We’re both adults, but its still shocking be he was not always like this it was after the break up


      1. This is a guy you can live without. Great writing though. I like the way you have worked on telling the whole thing through dialogue and your recall is good, so it makes sense as the situation unfolds.


      2. Hi Jason Preater,

        I appreciate your feedback and insight, as I red the whole thing yesterday and was wondering if it made sense and if people could follow along. Anyway, maybe you can tell me where the 180 switch came, as I still wonder. Have a great weekend!


  3. This feeling… I can’t help but be reminded. TheGirl, are you familiar with a Japanese author by the name of Natsume Soseki? He wrote a book called Kokoro. The feelings and sentiments in your work, they remind me so much of him. Of Kokoro. If you look it up, I think you will find it meaningful. The sentiments and themes of that book so closely resonate with your own. Thank you for posting this. Also, I am looking forward to seeing how this story turns out.


    1. Hi Gaseimasha,

      No I have not heard of that author, but I will try to look for the book, Kokoro. It will definitely take my mind of things. Thanks for you feedback and welcome on board!


  4. Great read – I feel like I’m reading the way you’re thinking. Break-ups are painful, but they do make great blog-fodder. Writing about mine (indirectly) was what picked me up and made me see how toxic it was.
    I look forward to more great posts!


  5. Interesting chapter.
    Why did you keep calling him? It sounded like you liked or “loved” a few parts of him but thought you could change his dark side or at least tolerate his toxicity to get to the good.
    How long did you date him?


    1. Hi Mr. E,

      That weekend I did call him, as it was few days after that lunch meeting, I seriously didn’t see it as a dark side, as before we broke up he was an angel. A complete angel…and I was guilty for the break up I thought he was mad and un-trusting of me for it…At that time we were over a month in.


  6. Ah sometimes we just keeping looking for that nice guy who was there in the beginning, when all that it really was was charm. I’m not sure if his true colours are shining through – it certainly sounds like they are.


  7. You know things happening for a reason. The good side in of all of this is that he is finally starting to show you the real him, and he doesn’t seem to be a good fit for you. I don’t know if you’re going to continue to try and be friends or not, but I don’t think he’s worth the effort.


      1. I so get it, no explanations needed. I’m the type that likes to give the other person the benefit out doubt, only sometimes you just have to give up and wash your hands of the situation.


  8. Oh- very nice… you speak “Canton-ese”?
    Ni hao mah, pan yao? I say “Ni hai mah to my sister-in-law’s 90 year old gramma, not knowing that greeting an elder is a FAMILY requirement that my own brother failed at… Hahah! And adding “mah” is fitting for an elder and formality. Also, I have the hi-lo-mid tonal emphasis down, so I am like a jade white boy. Hard language, but fun to do as its funny to see a Caucasian make an invasion on anything Asian aka Stephen Segal or Chuck Norris.


  9. Reblogged this on Six feet and not an inch and commented:
    It’s a good feeling to get to know each other especially when you already know each other from before and you just wanted to know something new about him/her.
    It’s weird to tell things you still haven’t said to your partner especially when you were already years in the relationship. But that makes a person feel comfortable when no secrets have been kept. It’s like you’re in one with each another.


  10. Wow, this guy is not the pick of the crop. I have never, or ever will, treat my wife the way you have described his treatment of you here. I am sorry you went through such things. I certainly will never use such foul language around her or not around her. I’ll back off now. Keep writing. I will go to the beginning of your story and get a better view of this.


      1. Certainly. I absolutely will. I’m sure I will need to write something on my blog after the read. I become inspired to write about what people miss rather than what they do.
        God bless,
        Kelly J.


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