Happy Singles’ Awareness Day and Saint Valentine’s Day

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Love comes in all forms and you’re always surrounded by it. Thus, do not forget to show your love to your family, friends, and lovers.

TheGirl prefers dark chocolate, roses, and skin care beauty products, in case anyone would like to show love to her 😉

Thus, here is preview to our next chapter, which shall drop later in the weekend…..enjoy!

Chapter 17: Good Coke Bad Coke

“Sabrien, this is Dr. Lee, the results of your sonogram came in…”

I patiently waited, not in any kind of angst, because I already knew what she was going to tell me. I could feel it inside of me: a hard circular mass protruding from my abdomen, slightly more towards the left.

I haven’t noticed it until the recent weeks and I knew it was time to see Dr. Lee..to confirm my suspicions — and she did.

39 thoughts on “Happy Singles’ Awareness Day and Saint Valentine’s Day

      1. At my age (55), it is pleasant to be single. One gets to do exactly what one wants, when it is wanted. But I remember how different it was when I was younger, and you are telling that story so well. (By the way, the old story applies to me. Once I gave up looking, my life partner showed up.)


  1. Thanks for liking my post. 🙂 I checked out your blog and I love the idea of chapters being added every Friday! 🙂 Definitely like your style, too. Good work!


  2. A late Feliz dia de San Valentin to you too. Did a post for my wife…bought myself some time. Just found your blog, and have only read most recent chapter. Like your writing style. Will have to read more as I can.


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