Best Kept Secret in Weightloss

I wrote an article as a guest contributor to The Sexy Single Mommys blog:

Enjoy reading!


Here are a few key points about having a mutually healthy and beneficial relationship….

14 thoughts on “Best Kept Secret in Weightloss

  1. Humm…”not a dating site” ehh. Gives me an idea for an article. I’ll get back to you, or look in on my place in a week or so! Thanks so much for the visit and like…continued success to you. “Skip”


  2. You created a great blog with some real lessons. I have been through this before – the relationships that launch like the Space Shuttle Challenger and then explode after hitting a frantic pace. Thankfully, I am in a completely different kind of relationship…slow and steady!

    Thanks for the like on my blog, The Lemon Factory too!


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