Thoughts for the victims in Texas

Our thoughts are with the victims at the horrendous explosion in West, Texas. The hundreds of people affected by this who have lost their homes, businesses, and families/loved ones.

You are in our thoughts and hearts.

Here is the latest news from CNN Explosion in West,TX

30 thoughts on “Thoughts for the victims in Texas

  1. Thank you for mentioning this terrible tragedy. All loss is a tragedy yet this is a terrible tragedy which our heart felt prayers and wishes would be welcome as well as cherished. Thank you for sharing your love with the victims and their families.


  2. OMG! I haven’t heard of this until you just mentioned it! I missed the news tonight. I’m in complete shock. My family is in Texas, although more toward Dallas. My prayers are with them all and I’ll be keeping my eyes and heart on this. SUCH a tragedy.


      1. Yes they’re okay. I’m hearing that there’s a possibility this could have been a terrorist attack too? Or that they haven’t ruled it out. Oh and the Risen letters to the president and a senator. When’s it going to end?


      2. Yeh, today all they talked about was finding the suspects to the Boston attacks. And they killed number 1 and just arrested number 2.

        It hasn’t been ruled out, but the suspicion is that it’s a terrible accident. But its too early to tell.

        The president is always under attack that’s why he has secret service. The letters tested preliminary positive for ricen.


      3. Yeah, I’d heard about the letter actually BEING positive for Ricen. I had to finally turn the tv off yesterday. The Boston bombing suspects were on ALL day from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. I feel so bad for the people in Texas and in Boston. It makes me feel powerless. All I can do (and maybe the very BEST thing I can do) is pray for them. They’re in my thoughts for sure.


      4. Yeh…Sometimes that is the best thing we can do for someone; and it looks like some justice may come out of this. Good luck to you Shellakers, and I hope you feel better…next week may be brighter!


  3. I must admit, when I first saw this post my mind went numb…I thought of Boston…the tradegy is no less tragic though…I’m surprised that such a factory could be near homes! My thought go to the people in this time of their trouble and sorrow.


    1. Oh yes, having a factory in a small town like West is not unusual…and that’s why so many people were affected by the explosion. If you did some research you could see what factories are withing a 70 miles radius of your home.

      This week is definitely a hard one for our country.


      1. Thanks for the information. That was kind of silly of me, of course factories were usually not isolated until more recently, at least. Here in Italy, they are now opened in industrial zones…but still quite close to the town. Yes it really is a tragic week.


  4. and to the first responders, the medical and nursing/support personnel, the preparedness people, who all are there to care for those who are in need of help. They prepare for this and need some “good thoughts” sent too…


    1. Yes definitely, especially the first responders who are still MIA. I really had to think about that this morning and what it means to be a first responder. I don’t think I’d have the guts to run TO the problem. Bless Them!


      1. Thank you for acknowledging them too. They are dedicated, compassionate, caring people. I haven’t checked the reports – I have heard mixed conversations regarding volunteer and trained professionals – status of responders. And that always concerns me.

        I am one of those “risk assessment” then run to the rescue… especially since I had children. But I process situations quickly. Thankfully I can direct and perform first aid – not hauling a full grown person from a building by myself. But I will flag down 6 cars to get helpers. Shared risk assessment while 911 responds. …


  5. The world has us turned upside down but definitely there were some hopeful moments with the way the Boston people pitched in and cared. The Texas tragedy is a larger amount and very upsetting. This came so close behind that neither got its due in moments of silence and thoughtful reporting. Truly sorry for all parties involved or close to those in these tragic situations.


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Last week was definitely a hard week with a lot of tragedy and lost, but hopefully we saw some light in that dark time….my best to you and your loved ones!


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