Nice Girls Finish Last Too!

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This is in response to Eva Finn’s post “Nice guys finish last, not because…”

So a lot of guys came out of the woodwork– a bit defensive, stressing the guy in the story wasn’t really “nice” and arguing what constitutes a “nice guy” or a “gentleman”.

Well maybe at some point, Jon was a nice guy or you were a nice guy, or that juror number 6 was a nice guy too; but you know what all the “nice guys” have in common? They met their Queen B who opened them up and set their hearts on fire while they were still breathing.

And girls, you know this has happened to you too! You have been stomped on and may have even lit a match yourself.

We were all “nice” once–

when we met someone that we thought as being special, connected, kindred souls. You poured your heart into doing everything to make them happy.Β  Take them out on fancy dates and venues, lavish them with gifts for special moments, maybe write little “Have a nice day” notes for them to surprisingly find in his/her lunch bag.Β  And for a time being you were probably the nicest guy/gal on earth.

Did you:

Tipped the waiter an extra 10%, even though they fucked up your order?

Slipped that homeless dude a c-note, cause you know, he’s all out there on his own.

Got sideswiped by a soccer-mom putting on her mascara and not paying attention to the light that turned red? “Oh, don’t worry it’s just scratch.”

Let your employees out early cause its such a beautiful rainy day with freezing sleet; and you think folks should make it home in time to curl up with their loved ones?

Yeah. We were all nice folks.

And for a little while I was a nice girl too.

Until the day you wake up with an ice cold blade in your chest because the one closest to you had betrayed you. And now you have no heart.

Now everyone and everything around you can go to hell in a hand-basket, and shit! They better stay there if they know what’s good for them!

Nice folks finish last because they’re dead. Someone, last night, ripped their hearts out and left them bleeding in their beds.

And now all that’s left is the assholes eating each other up.

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80 thoughts on “Nice Girls Finish Last Too!

  1. I heard a psychologist (sorry, I don’t remember his name) on the radio once who said that being “nice” is not a character trait; it’s a strategy. It gets the response you seek. Being good, on the other hand, is a desirable characteristic.


  2. You are Gorgeous as is the post… I think it awesome you shared both sides of the issue. I happen to love nice girls and they at times are so hard to find. The nice girls after a few times being hurt sometimes change into not so nice Ladies until that meet a Gentleman πŸ™‚ In all honesty like Darth Vader we all have a little nice and good in us even the ones that don’t seem nice…. (I won’t put a Star Wars quote here) Joe πŸ™‚


    1. Well, we all like nice people…and being hurt and spit on can change someone into a not nice person. But I guess it takes a truly strong person to “Stay nice/good” after going through hell.


      1. πŸ™‚ I think that is what creates and produces Ladies and Gentleman! The strength to learn grow and stay nice is the way to heaven from hell.. Just a thought. πŸ™‚ Stay Beautiful!


      1. No no not feeling down. πŸ™‚ more like I get more disillusioned with people the older I get. But I try to stay positive!


  3. “Nice” is relative. I may find someone “nice”, while you can’t stand to breath the same air! Thank God we’re all different, with different and sometime obscured views and concepts, life would be so pradictable and bland otherwise!

    Hearts melt and warm again with the healing of self, with the acceptance of our perfect imperfections and before you realize it, you’re “nice” again…only this time with more maturity, holding fast to your individuality, and understanding that your boundries are set and don’t actually hurt anyone! When you least expect it, and are not looking for it, but loving you, for you, is when you can be “nice” without the fear of heart ache and then the true decoration to your already whole life, shows up! It’s so cool πŸ™‚


  4. Thank`s for the visits. I enjoyed your blog and found quite a few home truths in your writings. It was a great read, we need more thought provoking blogs. πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Leo,
      Its my pleasure for visiting you darling, come back again soon! Thanks for the compliments, I just write whatever the mood and the Moscato comes to mind.


  5. I wrote a post something akin to this about nerdy girls (not) getting bad boys a while ago. “Unfortunately” I was one of those quiet, nice A girls (in both sense, the bra size and test results) back in high school, and I still am to a degree, though neither am I afraid to call an asshole an asshole. I’d like to encourage all nice and quiet little women out there to (wo)man the fuck up a bit and not be a doormatt to their possibly hotter female friends, co-workers, teachers or professors, whoever. Ain’t all that bad to kick the ex of your bf smack on the shin if she’s getting on your tits.


    1. Eh…could be the same thing, but someone commented that there was a difference between being nice and being a good person. Now that sounds more significant.

      Maybe you meant kind-hearted?


  6. Lmao @ “and now all that’s left is the assholes eating each other up.” Wow. I definitely can relate to the feeling of the nice finishing last. However, I don’t wanna be one of the assholes eating each other up either. Perhaps we don’t have to commit to being one or the other indefinitely. Maybe there’s a way to be nice to the nice and an asshole to the assholes lol.


    1. No. no switching, you’re either a nice person or complete asshole.

      Well, maybe when some folks grow out of it too, and become nice or asshole later on in life. But they don’t switch for individuals. Event the ones that “seem” nice are really assholes underneath, and the ones that can be standoff-ish are nice underneath.


  7. One person’s nice girl is another person’s b***h. I think also when you are nice is one thing. But if you are nice AND make yourself too available to one person or many people, it’s just leaving the opportunity to be taken for granted or taken advantage of. Nice girls (ourselves included) need to learn how to look at situations based on how they are instead of how we feel.

    BTW Love your blog.


    1. Hey hun,

      Yeh I understand what you mean about being too available, then people can take advantage of you; especially in a relationship. But it’s hard because you ALWAYS want to be there for the person.

      It seems that you are saying that nice girls need to think with their heads and not with their hearts. Which is nearly impossible when you’re in love.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!


      1. Oh I know I am in a very similar situation that pertains to this idea. However, what I meant when I said see things how they are as opposed to how you solely feel, is this person as there for you as you are for them? Is anyone there for YOU when you are sad or in need? Perhaps the dynamic of the relationship or friendship has to shift. If you are giving so much of yourself…well then why should they have to give anything back? (Sorry, I’m intrigued lol).

        Wishing you well. πŸ™‚ Thanks for liking our blog posts.


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