So Jon took out a dating ad

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Lol, I actually don’t think it’s Jon, it doesn’t look like his handwriting and that certainly isn’t his number.

So apparently dating and relationships have become so difficult to navigate, especially here in New York City as you guys can imagine by reading my story, that this poor soul decided to take out an ad.

Well…it’s not an official advert, as I’m sure it exceeds the 200 character limit, and its handwritten and has been posted on the A and C trains and on bus stops and poles on the busy streets of Brooklyn. Apparently this guy may not have heard of this thing called the internet a place where, if you play your cards right, you can find a date any night of the week.

Seriously, do you know how many free dating sites and dating services there are?

Thousands…and they can match whatever specific niche you fall into such as: LGBTQIA, Christian, Goth, Ayn Rand/Libertarians, Vampiricists, Sugar daddy/baby (and this is just one site!!), and so on…

I wonder which niche this guy falls into?

Let’s break down the ad.

“One Nite Stands Only”

Hhhhhhhmmmmm……off the bat, there is already something wrong if you’re incomprehensible in asking for a one night stand.

He also very specifically outlines what kind of dates he will go on with you: Library, window shopping (he won’t buy you anything), Dutch dating (nooooo….he ain’t taking you on a trip!), You get a choice to be dined and wined at any of these particular establishments: McDonalds, Wendys, Popeyes, or Subway’s EAT FRESH! Except that they don’t serve wine…..

Or you can have an “ice cream and cake” date, or a soda date, or maybe just coffee date.

Well, I am an ice cream and cake girl myself…so this is rather tempting!

And you can’t see it but on the outer edge the note says “Females Only!!” So sorry guys, I know this offer is just too ridiculously good to pass up!

But the one thing that got me, was the “Maybe romance” on the bottom edge of the corner? I mean come ooooonnnn….why not go all the way? Well, that definitely doesn’t sound like the reporter.

So what do you guys think? A prince in disguise?

He’ll take you to all the romantic spots that every girl looking for a one “nite” stand likes: the zoo (gotta pay for your own ticket), the library, and a soda date.

Would you give him a call, or send him an email? πŸ˜‰

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80 thoughts on “So Jon took out a dating ad

    1. He had me until he said ‘maybe romance’. I like a little flare in my one night stands lol. But seriously there a so many avenues he can go on to find his dream ‘one night stand’ its interesting that he chose to use this one.


  1. Hey, what’s that in the upper left hand corner? “..garette meet date” – is that supposed to be cigarette meet? What are they supposed to do, meet on a corner? Isn’t that prostitution soliciation? Cause there’s no real place to smoke in the city anymore – he may need to scratch that one off the bucket list.


  2. Umm… I realize I’m recently divorced and so have HUGE biases – but if this guy gets a date from this ad, I’ll assume Hell has Frozen Over….


    1. Hey that sounds reasonable, he is really looking for someone that has low low low standards or someone who is very very socially awkward with low low low standards.


    1. Thanks Hugh, I wonder if they have ads like this in Bangkok for dates? No, I bet most people have guts to walk up to your face and start a conversation.


  3. OMG somebody stop me! I-I can’t help myself! My clothes.. they’re just leaping off my body! Someone point me in the direction of this 2 pump scrooge who probably still lives in his mother’s basement and has the romantic appeal of a festering toenail.


    1. EEeewwww! I wonder what was going through his mind when he posted these ads. I don’t want to poke too much fun, but sometimes I wonder if he may have a disability.


  4. Possibly he’s set up an agency and there are numerous “men” out there looking for one nite stands only. Not sure how they will fit romance in to a one nite stand at the library (good for dictionaries though) or McDonalds… Probably why it is only “maybe” offered…


  5. The library, the zoo, for a soda and then a ‘one nite stand’!!!! Wow! Are those places you take children? Having said that, I haven’t been to the library or the zoo in ages…….. so who knows.


  6. Wow being taken to the zoo and the library and possibly for ice cream followed by a ‘one nite stand’. Just imagine if you got to do a those things in one date! Strange how all the options are things I would do with my children, minus the ‘one nite stand’ of course………………


    1. Really? She specifically took out an ad for a “One Nite Stand” offering a rendez vous at the MCDonalds or the Library for “possible” romance? And ended up in a long term committed relationship?


    1. Look taking out an ad in one thing, but I’m sure they didn’t set his profile up for “one nite stands” only with a romantic dinner at McDonald’s or Wendy’s. Thanks for the award nomination!!


      1. Haha, no they didn’t. But I’m sure they wouldn’t mind so long as she is “between 5’2” and 5’6” and preferably a doctor in the medical field”. Wut. But seriously, I don’t even want to know what is considered a romantic dinner at Wendy’s.


    1. Lol…I’m into the ax mudering rapist type who will only let me order off the dollar menu. HHhhmmmm….I actually had an ex (this was high school) who told me to order off the dollar menu only.


  7. Wow, clearly desperate for a date has found a new low…no wait, the person who responds, or even thinks about it, now that’s desperate for a date. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the laugh.


  8. Well he is original to say the least. And there is the internet, but he is strategically avoiding it – going old school? Why not roll the dice….see what numbers come up!!


    1. And they really expect a serious call? A reporter actually did a story on this and called the guy, and his voice-mail was set up, “If you’re calling about the ad and are very serious, please leave your name and number” Like really, you couldn’t pick up the phone for your one nite stand?


  9. Currently doing the on-line dating scene, started out with good intentions but it’s quickly disintegrating into a journey of disbelief. Scary to think that these people not only exist, but manage to find each other. Might as well scrawl something on lavatory wall, sit back and let the fun begin!


  10. I’m thinking this guy is an older widower that is really looking for companionship, rather than intimacy, although intimacy as not out of the realm of possible… Just sayin….

    Nice post….


    1. Well he is honest….and I appreciate it that. That’s why since I know his intentions…I’m not giving him a call. Thus, I think the honesty is appreciated so we know who to avoid and who to go with.


  11. I thought about taking out my own ad next to his titled “Half-Day Sit.” Then I would list all of the dating activities I enjoy that require sitting on your ass for half of a day. I had quite a few jotted down, but then I noticed his email address and realized that mine was pretty close ( and I thought people might get confused. I guess I’ll have to find my own bus stop. Anyway, I look forward to checking out your other posts! πŸ™‚


  12. Its good to see a unique advertisement outside the box … I would never do it, but I do want to thank Jon, or Jon’s double, for making me smile. And I want to thank you, “The Girl” … for some excellent analysis / consultation on this sociological adventure.


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