You Taught Me

A letter to life. Sometimes we all need to look back and see what we’ve learned.

Dear life, you often kept me informed of the things happening around me. Even though I wouldn’t understand you told and showed me anyway. I came to loathe that ‘you’ll understand one day’ phrase, along with the ‘when you are older you will look back and remember this day’.

I’ve been doing that a lot of late, looking back. A lot of things have fallen into place and I don’t feel as lost but you show me more things and I still have to wait for tomorrow to understand. It’s kinda like a see-saw, give and take? Maybe? a journey? Stops have to be made along the way to see how far we have come and think about what is left of it.

 I guess you taught me that it’s good to have those moments. Those intimate moments we spend with ourselves figuring out the next move. Looking back at…

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14 thoughts on “You Taught Me

  1. nice one 🙂 it is always good to have an open letter to life once in awhile, it can be so expressive! kudos on a good one, perhaps life reads once in awhile 🙂


      1. I hope so! maybe in some entangled, metaphysical way, some atoms are watching other atoms do something, and hopefully, there’s an awareness there 🙂


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