Mid Week Update!

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So this week has been head-turning to say the least. And that’s all I’ll say on that.

What I will say more on is: my guest contribution for DatingAdvice.com will appear on their website this Friday!


And I wanted to show a preview of the article and list a neat feature about the website: it’s their reviews section

If you click on that link, you’ll see the top 10 online dating sites for 2013. And as you know from my history; I’m no stranger to online dating, meeting, or shopping. So if you are and want to know what a website is all about, checking out the reviews is good way to start.

And as I mentioned last week, the site is about dating in all its forms from casual to deep connections, straight, gay, Black, White, Interracial, Senior, Jewish, or Adult Friends.

Enjoy my excerpt:

And you sure as hell don’t look like The Giving Tree, because a relationship is supposed to be mutually beneficial. No, not just in the bedroom! Just because he goes down on you and gives you two licks to the center of the toostsie –rolling your eyes to the back of your head. Doesn’t mean you’re getting that deep, intimate, loving partner who is thinking of you and enjoys sharing quality bonding time……

Dump your man like a bad welfare case!

Rest will launch on Friday 6/14/2013 at http://DatingAdvice.com

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19 thoughts on “Mid Week Update!

  1. This will be very informative.By the way, older guys don’t seem to go down too often on women, in my experience over 50… Thanks for any news and updates on the dating online scams.


  2. After about 10 years on and off these things, I’ve just deleted my final profile and am officially giving up, at least via that medium, as it has never really worked for me at all…

    I can see where I might be going wrong though; too old for regular sites, too young for senior, I seem to fall between those two chairs so to speak. Anyway if http://witlessdatingafterfifty.wordpress.com/ is right in her statement above about over 50’s ladies, I’m giving up dating, period! And Michael Douglas hasn’t exactly helped matters in that arena, has he?

    ‘The Giving Tree’ my arse. I’m gonna get all Voldermort and be a Whomping Willow if some lame pussyphobe comes anywhere near me, jog on kitty….


    1. well I don’t know what sites you’ve been on, but the datingadvice.com reviews does show that stats for each sites and what their best used for. But I can understand your frustration.

      I’ve been on dating sites for a while to, and although I’ve met some nice guys, Jon was he only one that seem to go somewhere.

      Well after 50, I can’t speak for that. Michael Douglas’s claim is a valid one. I don’t know why the press if poking fun at him for this (maybe I should post about it) But you can contract STDs through oral sex. And that is a fact. HPV which is a very common STD can lead to cancer, cervical/ovarian cancer in women, penile cancer in men, anal cancer if it s contracted through anal sex, and mouth/throat cancer if contracted through oral sex. And men who have HPV in the mouth have a higher chance of getting cancer then women.

      That’s why the vaccine is such a breakthrough.

      But hey I’m not dating now either, so I don’t blame you for getting tired.


      1. I’ve been on a variety of them, but I’ve met more people on the bus for free than via t’internet. Maybe it’s because we can evaluate, cross correlate and number crunch until we’re blue in the face but there is no calculation for chemistry and no one has to be (or is) completely honest in their profiles.

        I am of course being tongue in cheek (pardon the pun) and jokey about the Michael Douglas statement, and maybe that is how he got sick, but for all the men using this to cry off going ‘down under’ the same goes for blow jobs too!

        I think a lot of my predicament boils down to the work I need to do on myself before I can present an authentic me to the dating world. If I can still walk by then, that is….

        Thanks for responding, love your column! x


  3. There are a couple of dating websites on the list that it has been my experience do not do a very good job of weeding out the scammers. It has been unfortunate, and I have brought this to their attention many times where the profile and the picture do not match.(no pun intended) So it really is important to pay attention to the details.


    1. Very much so!!! Always go with your gut feeling. And that’s the good thing about online dating, if one guy seems shady there are 2365 men in your area that match your love dog settings for you to go through! #options!


  4. I for one, am a proponent of online dating. Sure, there are creeps and scammers out there, but in my opinion, fewer than I’ll meet in say… a bar. (The classy ones have just as many pervs as the dives, btw) Online dating is merely a tool to make dating easier and more convenient. It’s not a magical fairy godmother who will FedEx you Ryan Gosling to your front doorstep (Although, I really hope this is the next step in science). I look forward to checking out your article!


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