Ppssst! Should You Dump His Ass?

Ppssst! Should You Dump His Ass?

He sits on his ass. He plays a mediocre video game for two hours straight. He picks his ear. He smokes from his bong. Then he turns on Netflix.

Meanwhile, you’ve been sitting next to him on the couch this whole time – having a threesome with Beyoncé and Paris Hilton.

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22 thoughts on “Ppssst! Should You Dump His Ass?

  1. Oh dear – this got me back to my early twenties…I did dump his ass eventually 🙂 when I kicked him out and looked at him leave with only his computer in his arms I laughed hard. I was: ‘what the heck was I thinking ?’


  2. Great stuff. It would be cool to read something along the lines of “10 easy ways to dump a douchebag’s ass”. It took me two years to break up with a bf of 6 years [who in hindsight was terrible for me] – what a waste of time!
    Love the Jon series, can’t wait to read chapter 20.


    1. Hi Shruti,

      Well there’s no easy way to “dump” someone that you love. Even if they are very wrong for you. But you mustered up the courage, and does it take courage and now you’re better for it.

      Remember I did agree to go back to Jon after we broke up….I still love him and thought it could work out.

      But…well the truth does reveal itself. Thanks for your support!


      1. I agree with The Girl, no matter how hard you try you cannot change someone, they have to make that change themselves.
        Very interesting article.


  3. It is hard when you love someone, you want to balance their interests with yours. I don’t know the reasons others break up or dump people but when that person doesn’t ever compromise nor consider your feelings sometimes first, then it has to be over. So hard, though. Good post and also, thanks for liking my rebounds post!


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