Ch 6: I Have STD video


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If you catch this disease, you’re not alone. I’ve shared my experience with STD: share yours with me!

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22 thoughts on “Ch 6: I Have STD video

  1. I have to say that I think everyone has had this affliction before. NOT a STD but like you said STD. I know there have been times that I wanted to tell someone how I felt but never could find the right words. That was until I met my husband. He know how to open me up.


    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for stopping by again! Yep, I always wondered why can’t people say what they mean. And its truly difficult when you think so much of the person….you don’t want to end up hurt. It really is about avoiding rejection. I think married folks sometimes expect their partners to just read their minds.


  2. I loved you podcast. It is very well done. I am a bit envious.
    I laughed because I remember doing just that. I had a big fear of being hurt ( abusive situation) again and it was easier not opening my self up. It wasn’t easy, in the end I did and married an amazing man and have never been happier.


    1. (Sigh)…Yeh, I was really afraid to open up, and I still curse myself now for doing it….but hey I’ll be careful next time…Thanks for coming by again Susan.


    1. Hi Brown Truth, thank you for the nomination! I’m honored to considered for this award by my readers. Thank you for thinking of The Reporter and The Girl!


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