The verdict is in….

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So the verdict is in tonight. Poor kid should have brought more than just a pack of skittles to a gun fight. #NoJustice


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31 thoughts on “The verdict is in….

  1. Hey, girl, I have nominated you (given you) blogging awards. Claim your awards on my blog, please. Just check my most recent post. Thanks!


  2. Wholly unfair. The Walter Mitty Wannabe-cop should not have followed the kid, who, by all accounts, was no innocent little tyke. That’s probably why the little tyke found himself on top of the neighborhood watch dummy, beating him into the pavement. Ya think maybe the little innocent child would not be dead had he not attacked the “creepy cracka” who was dumb enough to be neighborhood watch?
    GZ was laboring under and illusion, an illusion that life would go as his hero-fantasy world appeared in his mind, and that illusion was wrong, wasn’t it? Well, he got the house number for the cops, just as he said we was trying to do. At what cost? His life is ruined, and Trayvon’s life is terminated. Still, let’s not paint Trayvon as anything but what he was and Zimmerman as being anything more than what he is.

    Here’s some more messed up stuff, though. Zimmerman is a “white” hispanic but the president, who said his son would look like Trayvon if he had one, is a “white” black but is never called such. That’s OK, as we know White girls bleed a lot, right? Just depends on who we want to demonize.

    I’d be willing to bet both Trayvon and George would like a do-over for that night, don’t you? All those who are looking to get a lot of mileage are loving it, though. That is sad.


  3. Careful taking two cases like that and comparing them with a 1:1 ratio ( Not justifying the 20 yr prison sentence ), but cases are rarely equal in that much of the factual evidence is unique and rarely exposed to the public who just sees headlines, which results in things being greatly taken out of context. People are willing to ignore factual evidence in order to view a case in a light that is inline with their own personal biases, or to push an agenda.

    Especially with the Zimmerman case, almost every portion of that trial was taken way out of context and misconstrued. Try to put your own personal biases and emotions aside and look at an issue objectively. Don’t just read press headlines and form opinions, as they are equally bias and always pushing an agenda.

    Just some food for thought.


    1. Well, I think the case made headlines for many reasons including Florida’s Stand Your Ground statute which will be under close scrutiny. The idea being, should we have a law that encourage or discourage lethal force?


      1. Lastly, I’m fairly certain that Zimmerman did not use the “Stand your ground” law as a defense. He actually waved his rights to claim that law when it first began.

        The 1:1 comparison you made with Marissa Alexander is highly skewing the actual facts of the case. I don’t think she deserved that extreme of a sentence, but if you read the details of the case, she had a chance to escape in her car, but instead retrieved a gun, went back inside and fired a shot at the man who was abusing her. Allegedly, his two young sons were also in the direction that the shot was fired.

        I could go on about both cases, but the fact remains, it’s better to research the facts and form your own opinion/conclusion on a case versus spreading information you receive from social media, as it’s almost always misleading or incorrect.


      2. Again, we don’t have all the facts on either case. Especially with Zimmerman’s trial because the victim is dead.

        Zimmerman claimed self-defense in the trial. but SYG, (in the beginning) was the original reason why prosecutors didn’t move forward in the case.

        The end result is that an unarmed teenager is dead, and his killer is free. And a man is shaken up but his victim gets twenty years (yeh DV victim hit their breaking point).

        Nobody seems to care about justice, and what the defendants deserve. Look at Casey Anthony (a whole another topic).


  4. George Zimmerman’s attorney did not use the Stand Your Ground defense at his trial. Still it is whacked. The woman, whose Stand Your Ground defense when she fired a warning shot at an abusive ex, might get a new trial. I certainly hope so.


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