Amazing Friend

So I submitted my manuscript to an editor last week, let’s hope I can survive this stage!

Beating Rheumatoid Arthritis

Is there a more beautiful word than ‘friend’?

One who takes the time to know the real you.

Who thinks of you, even when far away.

I am lucky to have such a friend.

Though going through some hard times,

she took the time to think of me.

And surprised me with this T-shirt.

I am awed and amazed.

In six little words it touches on my nursing and editing work,

and my Grandma status.


Yes (comma) let’s save lives and not eat Grandma.

Thank you again, my friend.

I hope I am such a friend in return.

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19 thoughts on “Amazing Friend

    1. I don’t know waiting on pins and needles to hear from him. Even though I know as a respected editor he wouldn’t say “it’s horrible don’t publish.” But I’m nervous to see how much re-write I may need to do….and he’s only up to chapter 20!


    1. Hi Krystol, Thanks for the encouragement, no agent or manager and I have not submit my manuscript to the traditional publishing house. So yep, just in limbo….but exciting that I made it past step 1


    1. Thanks, I already got the first critque back and am in the final stages of re-editing. I showed it to a publicist, and he very happy with the edited version than the draft you see on my blog. Thus, it looks like I’m going in the right direction. Now I spent today researching my next step which is publishing and distribution. (Sigh) another headache! Thanks for nominating for the award!


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