Publishing is Hard…

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What, it’s September already!

Yep, it seemed like just a few weeks ago, I posted on this blog for any freelance editors to take a look at my manuscript. After self-editing and making last minute changes, I turned it over to Jesse Rebock, for round one of professional assessment.

I twiddled my thumbs while I went through waves of worry and excitement. When I received the corrections back, I realized that I had a bit more work to do. But now it’s up for round two and I feel more confident, although self-conscious because you never know what someone will say. And my fingernails haven’t grown this summer from all the anticipation.

But its a learning process. As you can see, I use comas now instead of semi-colons. I know the difference between “lie” and “lay” and I still start my sentences with “and” and “but”. But I’m learning more about writing and the industry.

Last week, I made a decision on a book cover that I can’t wait to unveil to you all. And I’m looking for bloggers, reviewers, and writers who are interested in doing a review.

This summer has come and gone with me mainly being at the computer. Between reading, writing, and my building my kitchen, I have been very distracted from thinking about…you know. In the Spring, I didn’t think I could survive this summer hopping around the train and walking around downtown without memories surging. But I I solved that by living at my desk and spending a portion of it out of town.

This weekend some of you will be with friends and families enjoying various festivities, or enjoying your “quiet time”. The new season is hanging in the air, and soon we will turn a new leaf. I hope you guys will be turning that leaf with me, as October will mark my one year blog-iversary and all the changes in my life that came with it. All the people who have come and gone: and the ones that stayed to tough it out with me.

Because I’ve learned to share something pretty important.

I hope you all with tough it out with me too!

Sure, I have friends, plenty of friends, and they all come around wantin’ to borrow money. I’ve always been generous with my friends and family, with money, but selfish with the important stuff like love.
–Richard Pryor

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34 thoughts on “Publishing is Hard…

  1. I think publishing is the hardest part for a writer; that and promoting. I’ve had 5 novels published recently and find promoting is even harder than the publishing part. Hang in there, young lady. And I want to thank you for liking the post of an excerpt from the book, “Telephone Killer – 9” which was on Thanks again and Aloha – pjs/


    1. Thanks PJS,

      Yep publishing and marketing. And nowadays many writers are choosing to do both themselves. But its a learning experience…I’ll try it, I’d hate to come this far and just quit.


  2. Hi, The Girl!

    I know publishing’s hard. I’ve got three unpublished books. And after the initial excitement of finishing a book there is a dreary waiting period that bores you rigid. Lots of letters, proposals and few responses. Slush piles.

    Slays enthusiasm. Encourages no more damn book writing. But I still write them.

    Looking on the bright side a bit of persistence pays off. My wife and I have had eight books published. But not always with Stephen King sales!.

    If money is your aim ,in my experience, glossy magazines are a good idea.

    Your blog is great! Do you think it might be a good idea to delete the Superman? He rather gets in the way. A bit personal, vendetta, the man of steel annoyed The Girl etc. Just get rid of him? It’s your blog. You don’t need his ghost.

    As far as editing goes – if you don’t mind sending me your stuff I’m happy to edit it pro bono if I think it’s any good. I love books, reading, ideas and I want to help people get on and be happy. I’m currently editing three books. I’m good at it.

    Let me know!

    Keep going with your Blog (minus the Superman?).

    Cheers from Bangkok!



    1. Hi Hugh,

      Its all a learning process for me and I’m learning from folks (like yourself) who have been there and gone through it. So yeah I’m in the waiting period between finished manuscript and finished product and trying to put everything together.

      I don’t know if the super guy will make it to the final cut, we will see. In the meantime, he’ll stay in the background.

      I could use a proofread after the its been converted for e-book. I finished my first Ebook this week, and one thing that kept bothering me was the missing quotation marks.

      I’ll email you, around the end of the month, since the manuscript still has two more rounds to go.


  3. Your site is very creative, and very exposing, and it is your site, so yeah dump the super guy stuff.
    Punctuation is only important when someone else thinks it is, until then, keep the creative writing flowing, because lots of people can straighten out the tech stuff, but few can write the creative stuff your doing. so keep it up it is good and it is fun.


  4. Hey Girl, I’m in a similar boat myself. It’s certainly a tough process with tons of information tossed out (even more paths to consider) and you’re never quite sure which to take and which to discard! Maybe I can pick your brain on the subject as you move along 🙂


    1. Sure hop on board, I’m definitely sending out updates. Now the manuscript is back in my hands and it looks like the copyediting is done. I no longer need to add or subtract from the story. Now its time for the proofread or line edit, and I should be ready… I ready?


  5. Exciting indeed – & good luck 🙂

    You’ve got a great vibe here.

    The publishing and marketing… BIG sigh… Ugh. But you’ll spin it all just fine!


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