Sex Education has a new meaning!

Last week I was asked to read and do a review of Kitty and The Sex School by Peach Madison.

This is a tale of eroticism and fantasy about a beautiful young girl from a small town, who leaves home for the big city where dreams come true.

Well dreams can come true and dreams can be broken. She gets a taste of the real world; having to live an apartment with a roommate, getting a job to make ends meet– and with her “taste for the finer things in life” ends are barely meeting.

But this story of a naive, wet behind the ears, twenty-four year old may have a happy ending after all. She comes across an ad looking for talents for a semester at an elite and exclusive school called The Fantasia. Talents will be assisting the teachers in demonstrating the act of lovemaking as well as helping the students to practice to refine their skills.

So Kitty, whose full name is Kate Clavell,  undergoes the audition to become a talent. The audition process makes America’s Next Top Model and the Kappa Delta initiation seem like a walk in the park. Minus the alcohol of course, because this is a professional place!

She is inspected from head-to-toe, and given a full medical work-up for any imperfection, whether its a scar or the need for enhancements. But its the last round of the audition that will surely push the limits of this starry-eyed country girl. Does she make the final cut?

My take —

I was please with the way author, Peach Madison, wrote the storyline. The plot and character development were fine. My only criticism to the plot is that it is very short. About 25 pages or less than 10,000 words. So one can read and finish this story during a commute or right before bed. I kind of thought I was in it for the long run, to see what happens to Kitty after the audition, but it ended right there. Talk about blue balls.

Also the plot did have some stereotypes in it, like a lot of erotica stories. Kitty’s near perfect physical description. Her background coming from a small town and working in the library. Innocent girl gets in naughty trouble!, kindle book, ebook, book review, erotica, literotica, reporter and girl
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The main character, Kitty, well I’m not all that fond of her. She does comes off as being vain. She describes how a lot of guys wanted to date her in her small town. When she sees the audition notice, she expresses that she wants to try it out, because if she didn’t, it would secretly admit that she is ugly. And she definitely is not!

Who can say if in the end, the reader will be rooting for Kitty to become a talent and have her dreams come true, or if she gets what she deserves for being folly to her own vanity?

Here is the link again if you would like to download this ebook.

So ’til next time, keep your nose out of trouble folks, unless the trouble is between the pages.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review.

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