How to commit check fraud

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Unwittingly of course.

There was this job opportunity from where I applied for an administrative position. I received a response from someone, who goes by the name “Toni Dove,” and needed a personal assistant to help with some things for her art gallery.

Initially it looks legit, I googled Toni Dove and she is an artist in the city. As well as the job description sounded mundane: purchasing supplies for the studio, calling customers to collect payments, etc…

And all from home?!

So “Ms. Dove” mails me a packet which I received today, and inside contained a check, with her instructions to cash it and IMMEDIATELY deduct $500 for myself as a weekly payment then to wire the rest via Western Union to SOS Children’s Villages Yemen.

Oh no, blood money!

As you can see by the image posted, the check looks very real. But computers have come a long way since the 90’s; today anybody can print their own checks. So I call Delta Community Credit Union, where the check was supposedly issued.

I asked, ” Is there a way to verify a check issued by your bank? Whether the account number is valid…or maybe the check number?”

At first the lady said no, but after some more questions she transferred me to the credit union’s rep and I gave him the check number and the amount. He could not give me any private information, but said that the check ‘had been issued and cleared already, and that it was for a different amount.’

He couldn’t tell me more than that, but boy that was all I needed to know. And what YOU need to know is this: knowingly or not, if you cash a fraudulent check you are RESPONSIBLE for the money that the bank cleared. Meaning, paying back the bank for issuing the funds and even legal consequences (yes, you can be charged with a crime, even if you were scammed).

Nowadays, even bank tellers can’t know right away if a check is fake when they accept it for deposit. The appearance may be realistic, such as watermarks and the back for endorsement. The account/routing numbers may be real too, in fact the check may have even came directly from the bank’s drawers . BUT someone– ANYONE who saw the check, may have wrote down the check number and account number and then created a copy at home…or at the secret warehouse.

At least now the bank and the FTC know the check is stolen.

The address that was used to mail this document probably came from a victim, whose address is now unwittingly the “sender of fake checks” and now my home address may be used for this too. Also, I’m assuming that the real Toni Dove did not contact me nor put up a posting for this “job.”

Nor that is her real email address.

Hhhmmm…not the greatest week ending with this pile of shit, which makes stepping on a real pile of shit like winning the lottery.

But I have some light at the end of this shit-swamp story…

Next week, I am having a guest contributor who will post his version of “What makes a woman seductive and attractive.” The kicker here is that I would like a reader to write a counter blog post.  Please email me your articles, and the chosen lucky winner will be mailed a gift card or for my international readers a cash payment via Paypal (I swear, I will never mail you a check!), gift card and Paypal payment will be in the amount of $20.

And hey, at least I wasn’t cat-fished…

181 thoughts on “How to commit check fraud

  1. I used to see it all when I worked for the government trying to help them with various issues they had. So many of them had previous experiences with either incompetent or corrupt individuals claiming to file their tax returns or resolve various IRS tax issues for them. These people would take thousands from these unsuspecting people. That’s one of the reasons I wrote my IRS tax resolution book “Don’t Mess With The IRS.”


  2. I just lost my job and went on careerbuilder and was legitimately looking for work and came across the exact same thing for Mr. Giorno, just received the package and that I would receive $250 partial payment for temp work as he was hurt by people in the past, now haven’t opened or cashed anything calling police and submitting emails to them I feel bad that they are messing with a legitimate business owners and the actual poor kids Yemen that really need the help, whoever this scammer is needs to be taken to jail immediately, no telling how long they’ve been scamming people… and telling careerbuilder


      1. Thank you for writing this article, as I got the same email ( as the previous commenter in reply to a resume I submitted for a job on Your article saved me from even accepting the offer.


  3. Thanks for the previous post. I received an email from “Mr. Giorno”. Thank goodness I was wary of it and didn’t send any information. The person also connected w/me thru “CareerBuilder”. I think I’ll forward this to the our state’s attorney general.


  4. I’m so glad you posted this. I was contacted through by a Mr. Giorno and right from the beginning I thought “This cannot be real, but if I’m not giving up too much information lets see what this guy has to say.” Well… after adding “scam” to his name in my Google search…now I know. I wonder if the REAL John Giorno, the artist, knows his name is attached to this shady practice.


    1. I also replied to the monster add,but his name was Alex lovsky or something. Told me they where going to send me a check and i should keep 400 to wrap my truck on logo. I was so excited they said 400 a week. Thank god for Google! I found out it was a scam


    1. Well actually English isn’t their first language. It wasn’t until I re-read the email and the person asked me to “check my compound” as oppose to backyard, that’s when I got the heebee-jeebies.


  5. I received an email also from Mr.Giorno and thought it sounded sketchy. He told me he was 51 years old and when I googled him, he is actually 72. It does sound too good to be true and once I typed in scam this came up. Thank goodness! I was on barefoot student so he knows a college kid desperate for money will fall for his scheme, but not this one. Thanks for the heads up everyone.


  6. Well I was stupid enough to fall for it and I got the check today. I guess I am so desperate for work that I was blindsided. I just emailed the guy and told him I was returning his check. I don’t know what else to do. Any suggestions?


    1. You can definitely report it like it, in fact even call the bank so that the bank knows the check is stolen. You don’t have to call him (unless you want to curse him out, of course) just rip up the check.


  7. I have the same experience received an email similar from Mr. John Giorno this week from careerbuilder !!!! Big scam they write you about eveything on the job to keep it real but if you have real questions or want to speak by phone they never answer on that!!! It is a shame that this kind of people take advantage of working people!!!! It is disgusting!!! Watch out to whom you give info about administrative assistant on any job website!


  8. I received emails and a $2,990.00 check from Toni Dove at and was debating it since the email and everything seemed legit. Now after reading this I’ll definitely be calling Capital One Bank to find out if it was a fraud. Thanks so much for this blog!!


  9. Just got something very similar and decided to google the guy up. He went by the name John Giorno, says he’s a professional artist (just to stand out from the amateurs, novices & intermediates I guess), had underwent otoplasty so he would only communicate through text and email. Looking at this article, many other similarities appeared to me in a email: SOS Children’s Villages Yemen – check

    Kindly proceed to your bank to have the check deposited, Funds will be available for withdrawal immediately or 24hrs after it has been deposited. I will be waiting for a confirmation message once it has been deposited and state clearly when your bank indicates the funds would be available for withdrawal. Send me a scan or snap a copy of the deposit slip issued to you at the bank via email, after you have deposited the check for record purposes. – check

    Deduct $250 which is half-payment of your temporary weekly payment – check

    end the remaining funds to SOS Children’s Villages Yemen.You need to complete the transaction ASAP because the funds is meant to finance Charity project which is focusing on AIDS prevention and care for HIV infected children, also for feeding and getting drugs for the sick Children , The money should be transferred via Western Union (money in minutes) at any Western Union agent location near you and Below is the information of the recipient – check

    And this of course at the end so he avoid talking to me: Many Thanks!
    Sir John Giorno
    sms Only : 862-234-0417

    NB. Please kindly send me a text and i will respond as soon as i get it, i just did an Otoplasty and thank God everything went fine but the doctor said i can’t receive a call for now or move near a noisy place…..Thank you for your understanding


    1. Hey Colin,

      That sucks, yeah any job that pays you to deposit checks is no job for sure! But keep your head up this is just a minor bump in the road. I think its about time I tell CareerBuilder about this post, seems alot of folks are falling victim to this person.


  10. I have seen these ads and even now frequently receive via email, very similar proposals for employment. I was very glad to have read this as it makes sense now. Thanks, Tim


  11. I cashed my check, and used some of the money to pay my bills as I was told to keep 400!!! I just now seen this and need to know what I should do!!!??? I’m scared of what might happen in not a criminal at all and really need to figure out what I should do!!! Please help!


  12. Hi. I just received the following email, most likely in response to one of the hundreds of production assistant applications I’ve been sending out over the past year:

    “Got your resume in response to the AD posted for a Production Assistant and I really feel I need some assistance at this time that’s why I need someone who can organize my schedule. I am, Louis Leterrier. I have been pretty successful in a handful of ventures which have involves working for the Fox Film Corporation and have successfully wrote screenplay and directed some of these films, Unleashed (2005), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Clash of the Titans (2010) ,Now You See Me (2013) and as well the first two Transporter movies.. I am presently working with UNICEF and other private NGO organizations on a short film which am directing. Though work hasn’t commenced and we should start working on the film in next 25 days, also various welfare and community service programs, so it is imperative for me to have a worthy assistant who can monitor and keep me updated with my day to day activities.Your duties basically would be ;

    * Running personal errands and monitoring. * Keep projects on schedule. * Works closely with me throughout the production process. * Liaising between myself and the post production team. * Writing coverage on scripts, drafting letters, making phone calls, running an office, interviewing personnel, coordinating the fund raising process, assisting with duties on and off set. * Taking care of Financial activities

    My work schedule has been so hectic and has been an uphill task for me and I barely have the required time anymore. I need someone who can help me ease off the burden and do his/her work with or without supervision. I’m looking for someone who can handle my business & personal errands at his/her spare time and I need your service because I am constantly working abroad.

    Your present location doesn’t affect the Status of the job because i seek someone who can perform his or her duties with little supervision, All i need you to do is to complete all task in a timely manner. I am being thorough and explanatory here because i have hired people in the past who did not live up to what i expected and this time, i do not want to make the same mistake. I have decided to offer you a probationary offer (trial period). Here i want to see how you would demonstrate your skills and how exceptional you are and how efficient and on time you will be. I will need you to perform a couple of tasks for me during this coming week, which are part of basic duties you will be performing when fully employed by me and if i am impressed and convinced that you are right for the job, I will be hiring you. Successful completion of the trial period qualifies you for an interview and Temporary weekly wage for the trial period will be Five Hundred Dollars/weekly and full employment details and permanent salary package + bonuses will be discussed.

    If the afore mentioned terms will work with you, I will have my financial adviser have payment for these purchases and tasks, mailed to you. The trial period runs for a week or two. If you want to sign up for this, Kindly provide the details below …

    Your Full name
    Mailing Address
    Daytime phone number
    Two Work or Personal References.

    Louis Leterrier.”

    I found it fishy because for one thing, sadly, it’s a near impossibility to be given a chance at a PA job here in Los Angeles unless you know someone at the studio, and I certainly don’t have any connections to this guy, so that alone sounded suspicious. It was also weird that he would mention that my location isn’t an issue because I live in Hollywood, so why the hell would it be? It’s also pretty unprofessionally written overall. I googled various quotes from the email to make sure it was fraudulent, and I was eventually led to this page. It looks like this person has been sending many similar emails under various pre-established names and jobs as their guise. Good luck reporting/catching them!



    1. Wow Lisa,

      Sorry for the delayed reply! But yes! You’re right this person has been very very busy responding to job ads all over the net. Or you know, it may even be a copycat as unfortunately these scams are too easy to replicate and too many desperate people to take advantage of. I doubt they will be caught, but at least we’re putting it out there to let people know!


  13. I got screwed in this exact same situation, except the job was on Craigslist!! I even had to file a police report and close my bank account because of this fraud… people need to hear about this.


    1. Hi Judy Berman, Well unfortunately how these scams work is that they do use your name and address to mail out “checks” to unsuspecting folks. But the its such a “common crime” that I don’t expect the FBI to knock on my door asking questions about this grand larceny ring.


  14. Thank you for posting this. Im in the same situation. I am suppose to get the check soon, what should I do with it? I wish I would’ve seen this sooner.


  15. just happened to me. check’s in the mail. i’m glad i got suspicious before it got too far. dude’s can’t do much with my name, phone number and an address that i don’t live at, can they?

    i researched the whois for the domain the email is registered to, and found a phone number, and what i’m pretty sure is a fake name and address. not sure how far down that rabbit hole i wanna go. but i do wish there was some justice to be had, ya know?


  16. just happened to me. check’s in the mail. i’m glad i got suspicious before it got too far. dude’s can’t do much with my name, phone number and an address that i don’t live at, can they?

    i researched the whois for the domain the email is registered to, and found a phone number, and what i’m pretty sure is a fake name and address. not sure how far down that rabbit hole i wanna go. but i do wish there was some justice to be had, ya know?

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  17. I am blind and once had someone write out a cheque for more than the agreed amount (the agreed sum being £100 and their fraudulent transaction amounting to £150). Fortunately, on contacting the bank they cancelled the cheque without charging me. The problem I have is that I can not read print and had relied on the honesty of the person filling out the cheque. These days, on the very rare occasions when I do use a cheque I get a friend or trusted work colleague to write it for me.


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    1. Smart! Yes, its difficult to think that someone would stoop so low. But I’m glad you learned that important lesson in a “painless” way (painless financially of course).


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  19. I recently had a similar incident. I was to be the virtual assistant purchasing products weekly and sending them to a P.O. Box. When the check came it did not even have the bank phone number.

    Be careful out there!

    Great post!


  20. Yeah, and the check fraud changed over to another sceme. ..Car Wrapping. They post an ad on Craigslist that Monster Energy will pay you $1,000 a week to wrap their ad on your car. What ticked me off is how they go into detail not to worry about the advertise wrap that it doesn’t damage your vehicle’s paint and easy to remove. A stranger comes to your front door and hands you a check for $3,500. Then he tells you to deposit the check and wire the advertising company the $2,500 to cover the wrapping cost and set a date and time to bring your car to their shop. Gee, and when I tried to take a picture of his tag there was cardboard attached reading LAST TAG. (Nope. Not a typo). Just an idiot who can’t spell, scamming the system. Let’s hope he finds his LAST TAG for the lost time.

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  21. I received a check in the mail from Active on demand in the total of 3,994.99$ from PNC bank. It was unsolicited. The job listed on the paperwork is for a Customer service Evaluator. It says to spend 100$ and fill out the paperwork regarding prices and why I chose those particular items.

    Then it says something about training for “evaluation of various banks and other money wiring services”. It is to
    evaluate whether or not these businesses adhere to certain laws regarding transfers of money post 9/11 due to wired amount being over 1,000$, and whether or not they as for certain types of identification. It also asks how the employees treat customers. It then asks you to fill out the section regarding this task then to fax it to a 1-800#. It has a paragraph regarding professionalism and discretion. Then a bit about how you are supposed to split up the money.

    Training pay : 450$
    Shopping funds: 100$
    Funds for wu/mg: 3,204.99$
    Service charge for wu/mg: 240$
    Total: 3,994.99$

    It then states to send this amount via wu/mg to mystery shoppers below:
    1,522.99 to Houston, Texas 77014
    1,682.00 to Houston, Texas 77014
    And the 10 digit MTCN #

    Then asks a short questionnaire based on experience with wu/mg establishment.

    It also states that there is a time limit. It also states that there is the ability to get a delayed assignment.

    I am confused because all of it seems legit, even has a recipient address inside USA (not stating that all Americans are incapable of scamming ppl, but it does offer some legitimacy.), because mostly you hear about scams asking you to send it to entities outside the United States. It is written in perfect English, and sounds very professional. It even has things stated about time zones and office hours. The sending address is out of Belleville, MI from Active Aero PTM. I have done extensive research on this company and have been unable to find anything illegitimate.

    The only things I have found to be a slight bit fishy is the telephone number of : 1-517-576-7534. Which maybe an International number. My fiancée said that they could do international business, which is entirely possible, or it could be a number local to MI. sry I am not sure what state this is 😦

    Although it seems legitimate, I am leary to cash the check worth this much money because I am having a hard time paying back a 300$ medical bill. If I cashed this and spent the money I would be unable to pay it back if it turned out to be fake. I guess I just really want to find out whether it is a real job or if it is another scam. The check looks so real and everything on it matches up with the paperwork. The check even has the heat marker as well as the security features you would see on legitimate checks. That being said if it is fake this is a very well put together scam.

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    1. Usually any money sent to you unsolicited should be held with suspicion. If you cash the check, it will take about 3 weeks for the banks to find out whether its real or not. Thus, do your research…search on google to see if anyone else has received this check as well or have been made the same offer.


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