Guest Contributor: Women’s Weapon of Seduction

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This author’s take on what a woman needs to succeed. If you would like to post a counterargument, please email your articles to subject line: Counter-post entry for your chance to be featured on the blog and a $20 gift-card!

This is a woman’s world.

A woman has all of the necessary tools at her disposal to seduce and control any man without hesitation. They have the body, the mind, and the skills necessary to make a man their servant. But there are other things that can help any woman be more seductive.

These weapons of seduction are crucial to ensuring that a woman is successful in her endeavors.

Whether she is simply trying to pick up a guy and take him home, or move up the corporate ladder, these weapons are the tools to give her whatever she desires in life.


A woman who smiles has the ability to melt the soul of any man she is smiling at. The simple act of smiling can send shivers down his spine and make him beg and grovel at her feet. Some women have much better smiles than others.


The simple act of showing subtle cleavage is enough to keep any man focused on things other than what is important. This can distract a man and make him bow to a woman’s every beck and call. And while a miniskirt can do the same thing, it is important that a woman never wear a miniskirt while simultaneously showing cleavage.

High Heels

Men are turned on by a woman’s legs. The concept of a tall slender woman is only accented when she wears high heels. The higher the heels, the more seductive the legs can be. However, it is important that if you wear high heels, that you are able to walk in them comfortably and normally.


A woman should be confident and have a very good sense of humor. Some women in an attempt to seduce a guy will laugh at just about anything he says; no matter how stupid it is. Guys can sense when a woman is faking her humor; so only laugh when it is really funny.

Believe it or not, many women believe that certain things are seductive, but are actually a turn-off for most guys.

There are certain things that a woman should never do in order to seduce a guy or make her more appealing to the opposite sex.

Too Much Makeup

Some women wear too much makeup. Most women do not actually need any makeup at all to look great. Most men do not want to kiss a woman whose lips are glossed with an inch thick layer of lipstick.

Also, most men do not want foundation and powder all over them.


Some women wear too much perfume. A small amount of perfume is great, but most men can find it a turn-off when a woman wears too much perfume. Further, using the wrong perfume can be just as bad as using too much perfume.

Fake Tan

While it is true that most men prefer suntanned beauties over snow white skin, they can tell the difference between a real and fake tan. Men do not like big hands, especially when they are excessive.

The fake tanning lotions smell awful and they may stain furniture and sheets.

Hair Extensions

Men like running their hands through a woman’s hair. If you have hair extensions, can they do it? Talk about being embarrassed, what happens if the guy you are trying to seduce tries to run his fingers through your hair and pulled out an extension in the middle of public? Just be natural.

SovietLover is a freelance writer based in United States who has researched several dating sites for women since 2005 and participated in the development of several dating events to share experiences and knowledge. He is a keen reader and article writer at CIS online dating site. When he has the time, he enjoys riding bicycle and swimming. He can speak and write in English and Spanish.

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48 thoughts on “Guest Contributor: Women’s Weapon of Seduction

  1. Am I the only one who finds this rather chauvinistic and offensive? Did I somehow miss the clues that this is satire, or are you actually being serious?
    Assuming you are serious, most women I know are not out to seduce the entire world. We would rather be valued for who we are and/or promoted because we’re good at whatever it is that we do than for aesthetic reasons. All but one of these are aesthetics.
    And I disagree with the statement that this “is a woman’s world”. If that were the case, there would be no more rape, no more domestic violence, a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions wouldn’t be in question, a woman would not be assumed “unable to find a man” because her sexual orientation is outside the norm, a woman’s value would in now way be tied to whether or not and with how many people she has had sex, and woman would get equal pay for equal work everywhere. I wouldn’t call that “a woman’s world”.
    If this is suppose to be satire, you did not do a very good job communicating that.
    I will now step down from the feminist soap-box.


    1. Hi Amanda Dance, I do not think this is satire, and that’s why I allowed the contributor to put this article up. I then asked readers to write a blog post with a counter argument to be featured next week. I think its a way to get the discussion going and engage readers about how they feel about gender roles, relationships, and this “seduction” factor.


      1. I figured it wasn’t, but I was hoping that was not what someone would actually think. It’s hard enough to live in this beauty-centric culture without becoming entirely shallow. The last thing women need to hear is that we could have everything we ever wanted if we could just achieve this impossible balance of non-slutty sex-kitten.

        You now have my counter argument in your inbox.


  2. Well am thinking I would like to comment on:
    1) Cleavage – I wish.
    2) High Heels – I wish. But they would cripple me even more. Are you sure Birkenstocks won’t get the job done??
    3) Too much makeup – I met a woman who had tatooed her eyebrows, eye liner, and lips. Also, she cheated with her cleavage. Is that OK?

    Am feeling very very old. 🙂


  3. It was obviously written with tongue-in-cheek and I love the fact that it is written by a man. The proverbial ‘they’ do say a man only has enough blood to use one organ at a time, and very often it isn’t his brain, and although this piece might be offensive to those who take it too seriously, many a true word is said in jest. Being a romantic suspense author I appreciate all the weapons a woman has and my female protagonists use them all the time.


  4. What exactly is the wrong perfume? I find that personal taste dictates how people react to that – I’ve had people tell me how great my perfume smells, ask me where it’s from, if its my signature scent (for the record my signature is Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Cologne), but for my huge collection of perfumes which I change according to my mood, I’ve never had anyone recoil in horror.

    While I think a woman’s wiles are one of her weapons in life, I like to use my brain more than my body. Debating and showing a little courage and fire WHILE wearing whatever damn well makes you feel confident is sexier than conforming to any particular ideals.


      1. thanks for reminding me… sometimes, or most of the time, i lose track of the events in my life… but yes I think I am single by choice… because I could be out there than right here at home watching my angel sleep. 🙂


      2. True….same here, I’m sure if I wanted another relationship I could have jumped back in, but I’m choosing not to. Simple as that. I’m single but not available. Any woman can get a man with or without heels.


  5. Wow! Only a man with a powerful ego could write something instructive on how to seduce him…as if he is in fact worthy of any woman’s attention. As if that is what women think of all day… how to seduce a man. LOL What is this, the 1980’s? Feel like I’m in a time warp!!! Get with it guy… Getting the guy is now a bonus, not the end game. Making it on your own is sexy.


  6. Interestingly, all of the “weapons” this article says women have are precisely why women have been given short shrift in societies across cultures. There is a real fear of a woman’s power to seduce and that power struggle has left us with a misogynistic society. On the one hand, these weapons of seduction are sold to women (through very sexy marketing) that tells us we are strong with these weapons because we can control men. On the other hand, when we are victims of sexual exploitation or sexual assault, we are the one who were “asking for it” because we wore high heels or showed some cleavage. Who has the control now?

    The above blog post is very one-sided in the view of these “weapons”. Sure, any individual hetero-man would turn his head when a seductive woman smiles his way. But in the larger context, a seductive woman is not viewed with much respect or admiration for being strong, independent, and well aware of the power she wields. Until brandishing weapons of seduction is seen as a courageous move, respected by men AND women, and is not countered by a “rape culture”, this article is nothing more than a man blaming his inability to stay away from a sexy woman on the woman being sexy.


  7. I love the image used for this post as it adds to what SovietLover says.
    I have the cleavage (although it’s shrinking now LOL) and the smile but have never intentionally used my feminine wiles to seduce a man. But think about it, if a man can this easily be seduced by you, how many other women have and will seduce him?


  8. OK I am outdated here. I think the ideas above or somewhat superficial. I think too much perfume, makeup, cleavage or anything is no longer sexy. Women are sexy if they acknowledges a man. Men have egos and what that attention. Men love to feel wanted and then appreciated by women. Give them attention an you are sexy.

    I have been told I have a sexy voice, so it is not all about what you are displaying but what you are not.


    1. I agree, I think there is a hint of insecurity, in the person who feels that these are the tools of seduction (men and women) Plus I remember reading somewhere its insecure on the man, who feels he needs to be seduce..


  9. Check out my counterargument for a reply :)


  10. After reading this guest post and all the comments, I’m almost at a loss as to how to respond. I do believe that there is a “less is more” approach more women should take when it comes to themselves – whether they’re trying to seduce a man or not. So for those things mentioned, I agree. I don’t think it’s a woman’s world with regards to all the things that Amanda Dance said. But I do think women have more power than they might give themselves credit for. Being smart and confident can be just as sexy as being fortunate looking. This is definitely going to be interesting!


  11. Perfect perfume? I think it is in the nose of the beholder of such. I loved this post for the fun of it. But we all know, women hold the power in life. Men fight for us, love us and are captured under the spell. Thanks for introducing Soviet Lover to us TheGirl!


  12. Yes, these are things that will grab the attention on most guys, but with out getting to caught up in semantics, I’m not sure how effective it is with MEN.

    Women often talk about men as being shallow, and these are probably the same women who think that seducing a man is that simple. A man worth having is often beyond these techniques (just as many decent women are beyond PUA techniques), especially those men looking for a serious partner. I guess the article fails to differentiate between different types of men. The type of men this article focuses on, are not the type I hope to see my sisters dating. How does a woman with this kind of guy expect to keep him?

    Men of high value, who are aware of their value, don’t need to chase women. The same applies for women. Those of us with a decent level of self-worth give off a certain vibe that others recognise. The most attractive man or woman does not always mean the most aesthetically pleasing.

    From my own experience, a pretty woman with cleavage and just the right amount of perfume, will fade in to the background of a confident and relaxed woman, regardless of how pretty she is, or what clothes or fragrance she is wearing. Game recognises game.

    A man of high value, knows what he is looking for and how to get it (as does a woman). He probably won’t chase, or react to a woman using these techniques, as the better she is at them, the more deceptive it may come across. Deception is not a positive quality in a potential life partner (or employee), especially as a first impression, hence, I do agree with the turn-off section.

    A man of value grovels for nobody, not even his woman. And an experienced man knows a real smile from a fake one.

    High heels? Yes, call me a chauvinist, but I’d choose a woman in heels over a woman in flats any day of the week. Apart from looking more attractive, heels are give off a much more positive signal that flats. They say you can judge a man by his shoes. The same applies for women.

    A good man, can have is pick of women, but will eventually settle with a good woman, and she will probably not have used these techniques to get him.

    In conclusion

    Relax. Don’t think too much about how to behave. Figure out what you want to do with your life, eat well, go to the gym (lift weights and do high intensity cardio, none of that jogging on the treadmill rubbish) and try your best in whatever it is you do. The confidence will come and you will naturally start attracting the right guys and start getting ahead at work. As long as you do this and are visible to your peers, and at work, your bosses, the outcomes should be mostly positive.

    Once you have confidence in yourself and your actions, you will get noticed.


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