34 thoughts on “As a project manager, I always want to do this!

  1. Ah, reminds of my days teaching 8th graders. I was so jealous of Snape in the Harry Potter movies. If you know how many times I wanted to smack them across the back of their heads…trouble is, they still wouldn’t work 🙂


  2. Only Three? Ever try breathing the love into them? Something, I learned in a Dream. It’s just Dreaming. We all do it. How we apply the power/vision of the dream makes a difference. Sometimes we wake up in a Dream, and realize, We are still Dreaming, WTF? Everything looks so much clearer. Am I still asleep? Or am I dreaming, awake? Help! Do you have answers? Where have you been all my life? Oh I get! The silent type. What? What was that? Are you Dreaming?


  3. I am not one of these people that just believe everything they are told. I think I will need to do some empircal research to check whether this statement is true.


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