Pre-Order the Ebook!

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So I’m finally here and have made it through all the stages of “editing” to have a book. The e-book that is.

As you know, I have been working really hard on my first novel, The Reporter and The Girl for the last year. I’m excited to announce that I will launch the e-book to the world on November 26th and then the paperback in December!

But before we let the general public experience this novel, I wanted to give all my fans a special
opportunity to pre-order the book. For a limited time, you and only you will be able to pre-order
The Reporter and The Girl for only 99 Cents. Please keep this link a secret. It’s just for you! πŸ™‚

Once I officially launch the novel, the cost will go up.

To get your e-book copy of The Reporter and The Girl for only $0.99, Click Here.

You can also add The Reporter and The Girl novel to your Goodreads shelf.

Read what other folks are saying about the book!

64 thoughts on “Pre-Order the Ebook!

  1. Well done! And may it fly! My daughter reckons 98 cents might be a trifle expensive. I think she’s thinking about dollars. Or not thinking. Probably the latter! I really wish you well on this adventure. Viva The Girl!
    Hugh and crew in Bangkok!


  2. I can’t even image how you are feeling about the release of your e-book. I have always admired people that can write. I have enjoyed reading your posts, so if your e-book is anything like your posts you will succeed. Best of luck


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