Man Sues wife (successfully) for UGLY Children

Man Sues wife (successfully) for UGLY Children

From by Jason Sutherland

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And I thought I had man problems, not only is the story absurd, but so if this blogger’s take on the situation.

Expect many more of these lawsuits in the future.  It has always bugged me the way women commoditise their bodies: slathering on cosmetics, changing their hair colour, getting boob jobs, injecting botox into their faces and the list goes on and on…

65 thoughts on “Man Sues wife (successfully) for UGLY Children

  1. Wow.
    That’s the most infuriating thing I’ve read in a while. I don’t even know where to begin…
    There are two things that make me the most angry:
    1) this blogger talks about women objectifying theirselves, but in the mean time he sees women as nothing more than baby factories.
    2) I’m just so angry at the whole concept of suing someone for bearing “ugly children”. There are so many things wrong with that, but just think about how those children will be scarred when they find out their dad got money from their mum because he thought they’re ugly…
    Sometimes I just don’t want to live on this planet anymore.


    1. I’m right up there with you. In Asia, plastic surgery is big (on the face, as oppose to lower body parts in Western countries). So things like “double eyelids” which the woman has but not the kids, are a treasured trait which most want their kids to have. You’ll see a lot of gorgeous women in S. Korea, with average ( I mean ethnic looking) children. And its understood that those kids will go under the knife too…I dunno


    2. I’ve never worn makeup. It’s just not the “real” me, no matter how much more it might make me closer to all those magazine covers. Sometimes I think I agreed to come to this life NOT model pretty. When someone loves me, I don’t have to worry if it’s for my looks. 🙂


      1. I think I was too shocked to elaborate more. I’m thoroughly astonished that a court would even consider a case like that, much less side with the plaintiff. As some of the other commenters expressed, plenty of people who are considered “beautiful” have children that are considered “ugly.” Every person is unique and there’s no guarantee what anyone’s child will look like until it’s born.

        The blogger’s article itself was so ridiculous I kept searching for clues that it was some sort of crude parody. I hesitate to ask how he would react if the question were reversed because he might consider himself a perfect specimen of manhood or so firmly believes in his particular worldview that he would understand others following his way of thinking.

        There is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to be physically attracted to a person you want to share your life with, however, as another commenter stated–even the best looks can be taken away by age, illness, or accident. There is also nothing wrong with looking at a potential mate from the standpoint of what kind of parent they will be, but the kind of parent someone is has little to do with their exterior.

        Honestly, I feel very sorry that the blogger looks at the world in that way. If you’re constantly seeking perfection in others/yourself, you will always be disappointed.


  2. Lol. The author of the article is pretty clearly a jackass, but I don’t follow. Did this dude never see a picture of his wife prior to her surgeries? Maybe he has a rogue ugly gene in his chormosonal history. Who knows? I’d hope the judgment is based on the deceit of some sort and not really the children’s appearance. That they’d be any prettier with a different woman is speculative and it’s a little rough on the kids anyway. Hey dad, we’re standing right here!?


    1. You know, me being the speculative armchair Anthropologist….I know that in some Asian countries like S. Korea that I mentioned. plastic surgery is WIDE-Spread. Just about everyone expects you to have had something done, but yet everyone will profess to be a natural beauty. So some celebrities will burn their older pics, unfortunately some children are having work done at an early age, so when you see their graduation pics, its hard to see a major difference.


  3. He’s really shallow however I think she should have been honest with him. Its just stupid that he sewd over it. I understand wanting the best for your future children but you also must love them no matter what!


  4. Wow. What WON’T people sue for these days?? But I agree with another blogger– she should sue him for being an idiot. And I hope he had to produce a family tree to prove that the “ugly gene” isn’t in his family lineage somewhere! Not to mention, I sure hope she gets custody of the kids. What a douche.


  5. Obviously my rage left me unable to type accurately … it was meant to say … even if he isn’t a totally ugly git (if there is a god he would be) then his shallowness deserves to be a punishable crime! The GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR was spelt correctly 🙂 x


  6. I wonder if this man is single? And/or maybe has no friends? At least none that aren’t def and unable to read anyway.

    I think I might be even more disgusted by his opinions that I am by the actually story. It is a toss up. I am almost hoping for the sake of his future (doomed) children that he is infertile – maybe we could put something in his water just to make sure???


    1. Well, I think that might be crossing the line, breaking the law, and violating his rights if we do that.

      That’s his opinion and you know what, whatever you put out there, you’ll get back to you. So if he radiates selfishness, shallowness, and dumb-assery that is how people will treat him.


  7. “It has always bugged me the way women commoditise their bodies: slathering on cosmetics, changing their hair colour, getting boob jobs, injecting botox into their faces …”

    And even then, of course, real women cannot compete with the fictional Photoshopped creatures that we see in most media. Perhaps you saw this recently:


  8. I too thought that it was a joke. And the site that hosted the tripe? And some of the commenters who agreed? It’s too ridiculous to take seriously.
    I’ll wait for your follow-up of the poster’s “gotcha!”


  9. Give him his money and send him on his merry way. He doesn’t deserve to even be in contact with his children if he has the balls to sue his wife for thinking they’re ugly. The genes weren’t all hers!


  10. cant believe I am reading this in the 21st century …who is to be blamed here I wonder. The judge, the woman or the man ! The tragedy is, for the wrong of these three adults, the children’s lives are going to end up ugly (pun intended) :((
    nice knowing you through the like on my post 🙂


  11. I don’t know why you guys are so surprised. This is China it’s talking about, of course any court will side with any man in any case. I mean China definitely isn’t the worst on sexism, but it definitely is an overwhelmingly sexist nation. I mean come on, you’re talking about the country that had to put laws in place to stop expecting parents from aborting babies that were girls because it was happening SOOO much that the female population was going too low.

    Yeah, that’s China.

    and like most sexist nations it’s full of self contradicting situations like this. In China they pride women being beautiful no matter what (this is where all this stuff comes from, it’s also the nation where women used to make their feet grow in the wrong shapes to be small, highly fashionable, etc.) and now they’re criticizing women for what they’ve always shoved down their throats, hmmm…

    This is what happens when you have a society lead by men. Women are abused in all political and judicial systems and the men who do this put the blame on women.

    (The best example I can think of for this is mythology… liberty, fairness, freedom— yeah, they were all portrayed as women. You see the men who wrote this mythology didn’t realize how hypocritical that was.)


  12. “She was really ugly and so my kids are and that’s not fair!!”

    That means he would not have married her had she never gotten the surgery done, and thus proves how shallow HE is.

    but the Chinese men in charge don’t think this way. A group of men in charge will always think: “ME MAN. ME RIGHT.” — regardless of whether or not it actually makes sense.

    and I’d also like to add… the man looks like he’s gotten plastic surgery too. His face is wayyy too perfectly sculpted and his eyes are too wide.


  13. Believe it or not, this article is a complete hoax. This never happened.

    The photo in the article is actually a photo of an ad for a Taiwanese plastic surgery company. The slogan read, “The only thing you have to worry about is explaining it to your children”. This was likely mistranslated.

    And do you seriously think the Chinese courts would take such a case seriously if this were to actually happen?


    1. Well the guy who responded to the ad seemed very serious about this issue. People are sued for all kind of things that I feel are ridiculous, in the U.K several years back, I heard a burglar broke into someone’s home and fell inside of the home and was injured when the homeowner tried to defend his property. The burglar ended suing the homeowner for 1/2 million pounds for the injuries, including “lost wages” because he would no longer be able to work.


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