I am thankful for…

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So I spent many days this year complaining and pining about a lot of things. I don’t think that is unusual from how most people think because we always strive for something better. However, in striving for something better, we do have to remember that we have more than what some (if not most) people have.

That perhaps it is not the “worst thing ever” that you stuck your iPod in the washing machine when you threw in a heap of linen and now you’re musicless.

It may not be so bad, that you were swindled out of $350 bucks by a con artist. Or even that part of your roof and gutter fell into the backyard during that powerful Nor’easter that hit earlier this week.

The story of my life continues.

But it is truly during these hard times that one should take a moment and realize that you are richer than you think. More talented than you say you are and you’re not alone as you may have thought. In fact, I know that everyone has somebody in their corner. A family member, friend, colleague, case worker, or maybe a significant other, or an ex-significant other — someone who will support you in your endeavors even if it’s just to lend an ear or shoulder when you’re feeling down.

Thus, in the publishing of my debut novel and one year anniversary of my blog I’ve come a long way in 2013 and I didn’t do it alone, I had a lot of support, including from people that I’ve never met face to face.

I am thankful for my friends, without them I don’t think I would have this blog. And without this blog I would have gone insane a long time ago! But they helped me build it and supported me throughout the development of The Reporter and The Girl.

I am thankful for my family, and the lines blurs because some folks I’ve met along the way I consider family too. I see now that I have the kind of family that is always willing to provide support. We look at each other as a unit of one. If one succeeds it will benefit the whole.

I am thankful for my fellow writers, who have mentored me in the process of writing and publishing this year. Those who patiently answered my questions, warned me of certain pitfalls, advised me on where to go, and offered input when I asked. I am part of a few writing/blogging groups on LinkedIn, and you can find me there.

I am thankful for my editors, Karen Olin and Jesse Rebock, they both helped to not only create my blog posts into a book, but also to make me a better writer. Hopefully their work was not in vain!

I am thankful for my followers! Wow, so many of you have succumbed to being spammed by me for the last year or even the last few days.Ā  For those of you who have reached out to me through the blog or email, I am touched by your stories, revved up by your opinions, and grateful for your support. I try to answer each and every email, tweet, comment, post…right now I have 400 unread messages in my inbox, another couple hundred in spam that I go through to make sure no one was accidently “lost”.

Don’t worry I will find you. And If I don’t please come find me again.

And last, but not least. I am thankful for the reporter and all those who I’ve met that inspired me to embark on this journey. Because every now and again, we will each go through the darkest times, there’s no avoiding it. And it is during those times that friendship will be tested and so will your integrity. You will see that you are braver and stronger than you think.

Sometimes we need that push off the plane so that we can spread our wings and really take off.

So, will you tell me what you are thankful for this season?

–S.C. Rhyne

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Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift. ā€• Mary Oliver #Thankful #TheReporterandTheGirl

20 thoughts on “I am thankful for…

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! And you’re right, taking a bit of time to appreciate what we have is an important thing to do (and re-reading Richard Layard’s book, “Happiness” at the moment, I’m reminded that doing this also makes us happier people). In that spirit, I’m thankful for a whole pile of things this season: but in at numbers one and two are that I have a wonderful, supportive husband, thanks to whom I’ve been able to spend the last 5 months of my life focussed on pursuing my dream of becoming a published writer; and that my dad has continued to recover from the stroke he had last year.

    Thanks for prompting me to take the time to say thank you!


  2. I’m thankful for the quality friends and family who love and watch over me. I’m thankful for finally being debt- and bad marriage-free. That’s freedom. For him, too, so I’m thankful I can wish him peace and best wishes after a difficult divorce. I’m thankful for thinking better of myself, therefore taking better care of myself. My baby steps into a new life. My blog, which I finally just hurled myself into creating. It’s messy, complicated, sad, uplifting, wonderful–it’s my life in words and just the beginning of a better life, I hope. I’m trying and for that I’m thankful, too. Peace.


    1. Hey l1brarygrl,

      Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself here. It sounds like you have been through a lot but today you have moved on. And being at peace with yourself and your decisions is surely a thanks giving. Take care, and good luck with your blog, keep us updated!


  3. I am so thankful for having met so many people like you through the blogging community who have reminded me that, no matter that my health is failing and disability isn’t coming through, and the school system here sucks (my poor children), I have much to be thankful for. I have a family, friends, loving pets, and a roof over my head. Many do not have any of these things. Thank you. May your Christmas be blessed and 2014 bring you wonderful gifts of happiness and a new ipod. michelle_willms@yahoo.com


    1. Hi Michelle,

      There are always pitfalls and luckily we are blessed in many unforseen ways! Thank you for the blessings and I hope 2014 will bring more good fortune for you and your loved ones!


  4. It is always a great thing to stand back and look at what you are grateful for. It really puts things in to perspective doesn’t it?


  5. This post was awesome and very inspiring. I logged on today to post about the sudden loss of a friend this past holiday weekend and one of the things I woke up this morning on my mind with was that this year, though there are things I can complain all day about, was definitely a better year than the years I’ve had leading up to it. I figured I’d save that for a closer to the end of the year blog but you know what, half the reason my blog is not consistent is because I postpone things when they occur to me. I need to stop doing that. Your blogs are never spam to me! šŸ™‚ Getting a notice of your post nudges ME to post. Even if I don’t, I at least read others’ posts which keeps me from losing my passion to write and share. So THANK YOU! I am thankful to have encountered your blog. Congratulations on all your successes!


    1. Hi Angie!

      Thanks so much for responding to my posts. I’m sorry to hear about your friend, but I’m to see that you’re doing ok and better this year than last year. I think that trend will continue…each day things do get better. If we think back, we are probably better today than the same day five years ago. And in between that is a lot to be thankful for. Good luck with your writing and drop by with a trackback link to your blog.


  6. What a wonderful sentiment. It is easy when things are crashing and burning to decide that everything is terrible, but as you note, “it is truly during these hard times that one should take a moment and realize that you are richer than you think.”


    1. Yep, things are…not as good as they could be for me right now. But at the same time I realize they could be a lot worse. There’s always someone looking at your grass and thinking how green it is!


  7. Boy hard to believe a year has gone by.
    I am most thankful to have my health. along with my family overcoming health issues. When I was hit with news of breast cancer my world around me became a blur. I picked myself up, eat well, have a good attitude and now I am a survivor.

    Love the snow dropping. Nice added touch


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