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Title: The Reporter and The Girl MINUS The Super Man!
Author: S.C. Rhyne
Genre: Adult Romance (18+ content)
Published: 11/26/2013
Length: 183 pages (about 55K words)
Format: ebook
Buy at: Smashwords

Summary:  Welcome to the rabbit hole…

I am the last person in New York City who would fall head over heels in love.
Independent. Self-possessed. Why would I want to f**k that up?
My online dating profile at simply reads: “Just looking.”

So why am I obsessing about Jon Sudbury?
Jon, the reporter, is vanilla as a milkshake and has probably never tasted rice and beans on the same plate before we met.

At least that’s what I thought.
Why can’t people remain simple and predictable?
All I want is control, not to be sent hurtling at maximum speed into the unknown.

Nothing about our story makes sense.
The thing is, I can handle desire, lust, passion…

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