46 thoughts on “Does anyone remember this from SchoolHouse Rock??

  1. I remember that. I couldn’t stand it ! I would a little bit of it while I anxiously waited for them to get back to something ” fun ” to watch. I wish I’d listened to it more carefully now. I wonder if I had then maybe now I’d have more of an interest in politics ? hmmmm


  2. In my senior-year AP US Government class, my instructor told us a story that the prior year’s group got ‘how does a bill become a law’ as an essay prompt, and that he could hear the examines humming that song. Good times.


    1. True its an American TV show from way back when….but I guess the comic will show you a little about our legislative process (this is meant to be a satire of course, as they wouldn’t teach this to kids).


      1. I grew up watching the re-runs of Schoolhouse Rock. The public school system teaches us a biased view of how the laws are made and passed. Taking a PoliSci college course shows you a very neutral take on the creation and passing of a law. Just saying that the lawmaking process is very hit and miss.


      2. No I agree…..K-12 you kinda get a rosy glow of the checks and balances, but I went to a H.S for their Political science program and that when I got more truth into the story….interesting stuff.


      1. Haha. Forgive me, I didn’t mean to trump your original idea. I did like and value what you said and your opinion is well-grounded. Very nice post! 🙂


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