21 thoughts on “Does divorce mediation work?

  1. I tried mediation and it went great, right up until the divorce papers were ready for my husband to sign. There were several checkpoints you mention that were the problem. I was easily intimidated and there had been physical violence in the marriage, and my husband really had no desire to end the marriage…he was hoping it would result in reconciliation. Even though it didn’t work, I am still glad I tried it, though. I can tell myself that I did my best to leave in as amicable a way as possible that should have been easier on the kids. Since I could no longer stay in the marriage, that was the least I could try for their sake.


  2. Let me say this… being in this boat and all….Mediation is a great resource if you have two parties willing to move on and be fair. If that is the case, then even mediation is not necessary and most parties can go through a self determination and the separation / divorce is done.

    Mediators have absolutely no legal power, so if you are in a situation where one party is not being agreeable or willing to compromise, there is absolutely nothing a mediator can do.

    So while I really hope most separatees are willing to go through mediation with open minds, I look at it as being served steak and no knife..


      1. Amicable , yes, I do agree, but I am not sure how far a third party can deal with this. This must be solved between the “pair” in private keeping low tempers.


  3. Perhaps there should be one about marriage? The fact that the divorce rate is at 50% I think many people aren’t really considering what they’re getting into when they think of popping the question.


      1. True. I’d like to think that people often go into it with certain misconceptions. Usually being that they can take and take from the relationship but not give back. At least thats the most common cause I have noticed. What experiences do you have?


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