20 thoughts on “Valentines

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    Love The Art , it’s beautiful. How can a woman want a man to give her everything if she can’t produce it herself. The joy of being able to produce is not to be dependent upon anything but love, patience, trust, and acceptance.


  2. Amen! I’m raising a daughter and insist that I teach her she can share her life with a man (or anyone for that matter) but she does not NEED one 🙂


  3. I think that’s an outdated quote… like bad. Statistics show that women not only are doing better in college in men but also more women are attending college (it’s usually a 60-40% ratio now between men and women). That’s definitely not waiting for a man “to build the world she wants”. I’ve never met any woman who said she was planning to not be able to support herself or who said that she couldn’t wait to be a housewife. So yeah… outdated.


    1. Yeh, it’s not just interpreted as housewives. Even though women are outperforming or keeping up professionally with men, there are still those who wait for a man to bring them the world…whether its family, a house in the burb’s, or roses everyday Friday. I think its about learning to be single by design, and showing yourself the love you deserve instead of waiting for someone to show it or you. Or starting your life (travel, move, etc…) instead of waiting for someone to start it with…does that makes sense?


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