What’s On Your Mind

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Dear Readers,

It has been a while since I talked to you all (between the guest contributions and kindle giveaways) and simply said, “hi”.

Status update: Single and writing. I’m actively pursuing one over the other.ย  But I must confess, I haven’t been writing as much as I used to.

2014 has gotten off to an “interesting start” to say the least. I got a new job, which is always exciting, but has come with a lot of adjusting. The location is a bit father away, the days are longer, and the demands are greater.

We’ve had six or seven snow storms since the new year started, and literally a couple things around me fell apart.

Gutters and roof pieces fell during one of the bad storms…

I bumped into the reporter…

Cell phone fell into pieces, and now the parts don’t fit in the same…

I’m now working and broke, then I was unemployed and saving?

But I still have my health, or what’s left of it. And besides, who’d want that anyway?

Good health is the slowest way to die.

I’m a borderline pessimist.

But yes, I still have a pen and paper (sometimes no pen) and I inked down the first of what I hope is many words of The Reporter and The Girl, and want to do so regularly.

Stories with “superheros”:

funny or die, BDSM, mommy porn, someecards

Thus, I’d like to hear from you all, how has 2014 been treating you? And what are the new changes and are you sticking to them?

P.S– I’ll be featured on March 12th at Parade.com DIY section….Preview the screenshot below!

parade magazine, s.c rhyne, diy, rose water



27 thoughts on “What’s On Your Mind

    1. Hey Victoria, Glad to know I’m not alone in the boat. Thanks for your encouraging words…maybe we should start a virtual writing group to encourage each other?


  1. Plenty of sunshine in Broome, WA. Launched my second children’s book on Sat at the public library – 25 cubs are buying it. Finished my third book with questions and answers on Fri. Off to Melbourne tonight to stay 3 weeks with my 93 year old mother and give my sister a break. I turn 65 on Thursday – having dinner by the sea with family and a few friends.


  2. Attended Faith and Culture Writers Conference in Nrwberg, Oregon this weekend. Met wonderful authors, bloggers and poets (Sarah Bessey, Phil Long, Micah J Murray, Sarah Thebarge to mention a few). Learned much and love Oregon’s wine country.


  3. 2014 has been pretty awesome! I’ve got a lot of ideas for projects I want to pursue. Just need to organize them. The weather here in VA has been very moody. Warm days in the 60s quickly become a snowy, slushy mess. Is anyone else ready for Spring?


  4. Greetings – http://www.dontlabelmykid here. Thanks for the follow, please share the site if you love kids- even if they have problems, that what it is all. I see you are in NY, wondering if you know of my main man Ray (Urban Artist) Ferrar also from NY? You both are gifted, Hit me anytime if you want to help share the services with the people. Check out my about page– I sum it up there. Thanks again for checking in . Keep in touch!


    1. Hi Thanks for stopping by and sharing your link. The name does sound familiar…in fact I may have even popped by his blog if it is the same person I am thinking of!


  5. Entropy– explains it all, after many many decades I have found that things just fall apart, it is not a personal attack by the things. But things come together too, If they didn’t there would be no “new” to get excited about. So if we stop expecting the fall apart life, and start expecting the “new”— well it just comes!
    If the glass seems half empty, maybe it is just the wrong glass, toss that one and get one that fits.
    Best days ahead.


      1. So true, starting over is really hard, but sometimes it is really just starting anew, and getting the old out of the way makes for an easier path the second time, also experience makes the path wider and shorter. All is a journey, I think that if we stay on a path that is doomed to a later failure, the sooner it fails the better. There are no guarantees, and every new adventure is the door to a new set of possibilities. I have started over so many times that it now seems that is what I do best. Over 90 % of the people I started out with in my life are now dead and gone, so perhaps I see it differently, By the way, I am starting over by blogging and writing anew and I am over 70! So I hope my encouragement might be re-evaluated and not cast aside too quickly.
        Best to your new days ahead.


      2. Thanks hun, I definitely understand the need to start anew. I’m not yet out of my twenties, so I don’t have the experience of leaving people behind, its hard for me to “start anew” and “leaving the old” but it can lift the burden.


      3. Yes, perhaps my response was a bit strong- but I meant that the people left behind , had died. Surprisingly the twenties are really a rough decade. When you hit the forties things do actually smooth out a bit. I am very surprised at how well the sixties can be for understanding life.
        Thanks for responding


  6. Life sucks! The journo job market in NY is crappy, but I’m trying to hang in there. I have been reading a ton of great books, so I guess that would be my silver lining. I know I’ll finding something soon, but if only it could hurry itself on over.


      1. I am, or at least I’m trying to be. I graduated this past December and I’m desperately trying to find a reporting job ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        I thought I could find a magazine publishing job, but it’s looking like that may never happen. So now I’m looking for more hard-news styled reporting jobs, but so far nada.


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