17 thoughts on “If Kate Middleton and Other Unlikely Celebrities Had Tattoos – Yahoo Shine

      1. Well they’re definitely a modern couple, its not like they’re on the cutting edge of chic. Generally speaking theres a lot of couples that are modern and chic. I feel like the internet takes away from celebrities because other people can showcase themselves on nearly the same level. Its not impossible to find other couples that are chic or chic-er. Of course theres always going to be people who can’t resist the allure of looking at royalty/celebrities.

        I don’t think Kate and her hubby are plain they’re modern, but I don’t pay much attention to them. Not sure how you feel about them?


      2. Hi BlakPlague,

        WordPress hid these comments from me, so I apologize for the late reply. I think in general Kate does well dressing up and looking “posh”. But I really like this new look. I’d email this picture to their stylist and strongly recommend a change! Especially for Will….lol!


      3. Np TheGirl. You seem like a busy person regardless lol. Will for sure. He looks very stuck up, funny considering how Kate carries herself. Kate seems much more loose/natural. I’m sure their kids will look more modern than their parents.


      4. Hm yea stuck up is too harsh. I guess I’ll dial it back to he seems stern.The Brits are very old school, especially when it comes to royalty. The British monarchy is all about traditions. I’m sure William could be a nice guy, I have never met him so I can’t say he isn’t. Still though he definitely comes off as being more formal than Kate.


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