The Taste Of A Woman!

The Taste Of A Woman!

Ladies, would you let your partner take a trip down there? Click on the title to read this article on why you should!

“Muff diving.  Giving head.  Eating out.   Eating a box lunch.  Eating at the Y.  Clam diving.  Kneeling at the altar.  Pearl diving.  Going down.  These are just a few of the many euphemisms used to describe the act of cunnilingus, that glorious joining of mouth and vagina…”

via @Sexy Single Mommy Blog

19 thoughts on “The Taste Of A Woman!

      1. Funny because I can relate. I remember once when I was with my girlfriend she had given me fellatio our previous time together. I asked what I wanted to do, so I say Let me go down on you yea?” Her eyes kind of lit up a bit, apparently she never had a guy really do that to her. Regardless she enjoyed it, as did I :3. Uhh I believe its called alcohol.


      2. Obviously you can appreciate cunnilingus, but maybe some women don’t. I can’t figure why though. When I’m with my friends it never comes up in conversation. Instead missionary comes up, as does fellatio, suckling of the nipples etc. Again though no cunnilingus.

        I doubt you would, but really if a guy doesn’t want to fully explore a woman’s anatomy then why would you want to sleep with him?haha


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