What Do Guys Want?

What Do Guys Want?

From my experience with the reporter, I think its hard to find guys who wouldn’t want the girl on the left. But then again I may be guilty of friend-zoning the “good guys”.

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34 thoughts on “What Do Guys Want?

  1. It’s a very interesting post. Unfortunately, it seems as if most woman are either or. They can either have extreme sexual appetites or be the best homemaker, but the combo is rare. Guys really want both. I fear that cheating, adultery, infidelity, etc. are caused by the lack of combination. A woman can do all the wonderful things in the world for her male partner, but if he is not having sex, that is a problem. Well, until her mans sex drive dies, then it’s not, and that eventually happens to all men. I have had countless females friends that just cannot seem to process that in their troubled relationships. I have also had other female friends tell me that they threw a guy into the friend zone, because he is so nice and they do not want to lose a nice guy. I find that awkward. However, on the other end, woman have a hard time finding guys that will deal with their emotions and conversation. These guys only want sex. So for a woman it is hard to find a man who will talk like a girlfriend along with sex. It’s all about balance. Men need to listen and be emotionally supportive in return the woman needs to reward that behavior with sex. In return, he needs to be emotionally supportive. Yin and Yang.


    1. Yeah there has to be balance and it needs to come from both sides. I really wonder how these “relationships” happen when they are so unbalance. A woman should know that a guy would want to emotionally connect if he’s in love. A guy should know that a woman would want the physical intimacy if she was in love too. Partners that are truly in tune will meet each other in the middle.


  2. Left looks good, enticing, but I’m a right wing sort of English tedious conservative. I’m going right.
    I took a South African friend to see the sprightly side of Bangkok a couple of days ago and there were maybe sixty of the “lefts” waving their bottoms at me. And at our guest. There were rather too many at the same time and all looked liked “left” and my Burmese friend who had tagged along as gang buster should any complications arise, and I, we both thought that this was an overdose of wiggly buttocks.

    The Girl ,I was so bored by all those “lefts”. If there had been one or two I think it might have been …sexy!

    But it was like being in an aquarium with a an overdose of bums. All behind glass. A fish tank! And all of them winking and waving.

    My guest was bemused by this pick and choose.

    He chose. And was whisked away.

    Chang and I hung around. We waited. After an hour I suggested that if our guest was in trouble we smash the door down. I don’t think initially we would have been brave enough to rescue him if he had fallen into trouble.

    But Chang was getting bored, tired , irritated, I was getting worried about my daughter, Chang was getting worried about our guest, Chang has a sense of duty, I was feeling like thumping the face of a poncey thoroughly queer auctioneer who had just ushered in a flotilla of flabby Russian prostitutes with numbers.

    The auction was almost as revolting as the customers who arrived, Giggling nervous characters from the Arab states. A scabrous bunch of Pakistanis. Chinese.

    I had a word with the dangerous looking managers and asked what the hell was going on. One of them I dismissed as one of those fat bouncers you can annoy then they chase you and fall off the fire exit, the other was the sort of skinny rat who can kill you. Chang was looking like the sort of Burmese who would kill anybody who annoyed me. Sulky smiles.

    What happened? Our guest eventually appeared looking like a man who had been to heaven. They’d even given him a bath before stamping on his back and doing lots of other things.

    He went for your “Left” The Girl

    And then we left


    Hugh from Bangkok


    1. So the moral of the story is that guys always go for the girl to the left, or that your friend is a possible pedophile who frequents prostitution rings made up of trafficked girls?


  3. It’s not at all hard to find men like that (photo on the right). Like attracts like — ie: birds of a feather flock together. What you put out — meaning the way you display yourself and the energy you express — is what you’re more than likely going to attract in return. If you are only encountering people who are looking for a hypersexualized relationship maybe you should consider what statement you are making that gives them the impression that that is what you want.

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  4. the left pulls to the loins, buit itis temporary. the girl on the right is definitely a woman. Many men dont know the difference. you may be frendzoning the guys who would appreciate the girlon the left, but also, what is wrong with wanting the two sides to be the same woman? is a respectful, adoring, determined woman impossible to have in pretty packaging? never should a beautiful inside mean the outside isnt. And never should a man be only attractive if he isnt s friend? what is wrong with wanting tyo have a friendship first so you have something to base your relationship on when the honeymoon ends and/or beauty fades? jst wondering, from someone who is continually friends, and rarely more. finding the right woman can be just as difficult, there are some not worth the time of a good guy…

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    1. True, but when I use the term friendzoning, I mean seriously this person is like family. But I agree that a real woman can have two sides. Naughty in the bedroom but still Nice to take home to mom and dad. I just don’t think a lot of guys automatically think of the later when they look at the girl on the left.

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      1. I agree with both. if it is up there, and she can handle the fallout, good for her. Me personally, I would be less worried about what is up on the internet for some men to fantasize about, and would be more concerned with who she really was behind the pictures


  5. Actually, most of the “grown-up” guys I know wouldn’t like the left at all…some might think she’s pretty, but would think her a moron and/or slut for showing herself off like that if they met her in person. If given the choice in real life, they’d prefer the right because at least the girls on that side are using something more than sex appeal. And LOL some might think the left to be out of proportion, since they like the “bigger girls”!


    1. Well, Its not her body type that’s the issue, since women come in different but yet beautiful packaging with curves. I guess its whether a guy is “grown up” as you call it to the difference in having a relationship with girl on the left or with girl on the right. My experience with the reporter sometimes leaves me to believe that guys don’t care about the stuff on the right.


  6. I’ve known so many men who nevre care about other things like cooking, massages etc. Men don’t care if you’re a woman who can do many beautiful things. I’ve just talken to a guy who is sad because his girlfriend doesn’t do some erotic things. So that’s what men want! other things are not necessary for them.
    I do all these things to my boyfriend and that’s why I’m gonna marry next month, and my boyfriend appreciate all things I do for him and my family. But he’s a rare man, I’m lucky about him 🙂

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  7. i want ALL in some combination or the other. the problem starts where people think that “what men want” questions mean what ALL men want. some men just want the left side of things because they just want sex, fun etc while some want the right because they like being nurtured etc. if i step out of the basic generalized way, i think most men want both but i don’t believe it is 50-50. but the real question i find in these things is really “what does a man want with me”. you can be either left or right and the man want either sex or stability. also, if a woman puts up those kinda pics, what does she think a man would want from her? i would think she’s human so she should be loved but we all know the world doesn’t quite work like that. i think the friend zone (as it stands today) is a bit of a crock but i’ll have to explain that in a post by itself.


    1. Lol…this is true, I asked a very general question, but it seems like very few men are willing to admit that they want a real relationship, instead of just s string of casual sex. I would think casual sex would suck because the partner is not invested in making you happy in the bedroom.


      1. Interesting article, especially with regards to sex, because women need intimacy (emotionally) in order to have sex with someone and guys need sex in order to be emotionally intimate to start a relationship. Thus, the friendzone seems like its also the “booty call” zone. Except I don’t think most guys would hang around a booty call even if they have a smile to brighten their day.

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  8. The girl on the right IS the girl on the left when men connect with more than their southern regions. A woman that does all of those things is sexy and surprising. Sure the one on the left is nice to look at for a moment, but then there is nothing else.

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      1. An empty shell if that’s all there is to see. Kind of like finding a plastic Easter Egg in hunt with nothing inside of it. Very pretty but that’s it. Nothing wrong with being pretty but depth is where it’s at.


  9. Left – short-lived wants, Right – for keeps. I would definitely prefer a lady who not only makes me happy, but takes care of me as well. Great and meaningful post!


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