Joe Manganiello’s La Bare, Reveals All

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So I had an interview with some cast members of Joe Manganiello‘s new documentary La Bare.

These guys left nothing to my imagination as they talked about the life and culture of being a dancer at a very popular male strip club in Dallas.


La Bare is the most popular male strip located in Dallas, Texas and has been entertaining ladies from all over the world for decades. I sat down with Channing, Cesar, and J.D – three real life entertainers who work at La Bare and star in this documentary.

I started off asking Channing, who is the youngest of the three, his experiences becoming an exotic dancer and what a rookie can expect when they enter the business.

It’s more than just women, money, and a good time, like the famous line from Magic Mike; these men train and diet like professional athletes, promote themselves like entrepreneurs with business cards and clientele list, hours of choreographed training– and they don’t take kind to newbies who think they can get by with doing the running man on stage.

“First thing you have to do, is go to the gym and stay quiet at first so the veterans don’t give you shit. Don’t bum rush it,…watch the veterans until you find your ground.”

Cesar chimes in, “it’s [strip clubs] a pretty open field, if you have a decent body…and you’re brave enough to get on the stage every night. The fact is, our doors are always open.”

And anyone can test their bravery on amateur night, which is described by the guys as its own animal where everyone from bad bet pickers to Chippendale hopefuls sign up for a chance to prove themselves. Many, like Channing and Cesar started out as servers, before taking a chance on a Thursday night in front of 30 or so women and co workers!

Channing, also known as the shirtless wonder, had a nice awkward experience that rivaled his high school musical days, (no duh?) and Cesar was just glad he hit all the beats on stage.

stripper, male butt, money in g-string
Courtesy of La Bare Film

So what is the real difference with female dancers and male dancers? I asked J.D, since he commented in the film that women with big titties and decent looks could easily get a job as dancer.

“It has to do with the clientele, there’s no comparison– everything is different except both are wearing underwear.”

The truth is that La Bare dancers do more than just dance. They interact with their audience, sometimes taking women on stage to be part of show and that takes a lot of confidence. Confidence that takes experience and motivation to find.

la bare, strip club, male stripper, prformance SCRhyne
Courtesy of La Bare Film – Cesar playing “doctor”

They are not just pole dancers– not that anything’s wrong with that.

“…I’ve taken a pole dancing class, its nothing to downplay.”– Cesar.

This kind of lifestyle seems like a whirlwind fantasy, but really what you may not know about the men of La Bare, is that they have families. They are fathers, sons, and maybe even grandfathers who go through the same 9 to 5 reality you go through.

Even the strongest of them, is still as frail as the next human.

“So how do you find that boundary between ‘fantasy’ and ‘reality’?” I ask.

Cesar- “Because of the nature of the business and flirtation, its very difficult to have blended relationship in the clubs. It can be difficult because people want more of your time and attention and its kind of difficult keeping your balance in those regards.”

bachlorette party, male strippers, cowboys, S.cRhyne La Bare, Channing, J.D
Courtesy of La Bare Film

So what’s next?

J.D – “Supposedly a TV Show on the way, it’s highly possible.”

Fans, go to theaters Friday June 27, 2014 to watch La Bare. I’ll be visiting the club that night! 😉

Meet the guys from La Bare on their Facebook pages!




42 thoughts on “Joe Manganiello’s La Bare, Reveals All

    1. Well…rock hard naked bodies….are very attractive. But it has to do more with the show and the interaction (read: flirtation) with the female audience members. Men are like microwave and all you gotta do is push a button and they’re done. Women are like ovens, so these guys spend a lot of time basting and pre-heating!


  1. There is a place for everything. Women like men like to live out their fantasies and if it doesn’t hurt anyone, then why not.


  2. I read about this in People magazine. I really don’t have any objection to male strippers, I personally never found them appealing.:) I wouldn’t pay money for a show like this, but have no heart burn with anyone who wants to spend their money that way. I guess there is something to be said for the longevity of this club as well as some of it’s veteran dancers. Clearly, I’m in the minority:)


  3. I can certainly see the attraction for many women of male dancers.. It also seems like the vibe, while still sexual is way lighter than at a regular strip club. Women should be able to explore and enjoy their sexuality just as much as men. Go girl.


  4. Hi S.C, I think it is always interesting to get an insight into different occupations. It doesn’t really matter whether we are in favour or whether we understand the clientele, the person doing the job always has a perspective that is new to us.


    1. Hey hey….I just got the exclusive, a TV show may be in the works! But yeah…stripping granny (because of our sexist society) doesn’t sound as appealing as the stripping Hulk Hogan dude (who is a grandpa).


    1. Yeah, male strippers do I have to invest more in start up and such. Why do you feel their world will get tougher? And do you mean male or female strippers?


      1. I mean for both. I just feel like it will get hard because you’re only as good as you look right now. What if things change? Are you financially stable as well? Just seems like a tough gig to make it in, like any entertainment one.


      2. True, but there is a variety of age, the oldest male stripper is featured in the documentary, he’s in his 60’s and looks good too. Some of these guys make serious 6 figures..


  5. As someone else commented – They have to make a living and these guys work hard to keep themselves fit. I don’t see anything wrong in this as there is a demand for this kind of dancing. If you have got it flaunt it!! Not my scene but to each their own.


  6. I’ve been to La Bare. It’s not that far from my house and a friend’s boyfriend use to dance there. Male strippers are not my thing but I will say that the guys there really take pride in the way they look. Very good interview. Its easy to look at the surface but you don’t know what their real life is like.


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