6 thoughts on “What Did We Learn From Ferguson?

  1. Through educated means, or hood means? As it is most minorities, that I know, don’t trust the police. On the other side of the spectrum schools teach kids that they should trust policemen. I feel kids are too young to understand the whole Ferguson incident.


  2. Its true that in different communities children are taught differently about trusting law enforcement. But some children are taught to be expected to harassed by police. I’m just wondering where society is headed if the next generation learns that one can be shot dead because an officer is pissed.


    1. Well I suppose if the next generation can figure that theres something wrong with how our law enforcement operates, I assume they may try to wrangle them with new mandates and other protocols. Though it would make more sense to maybe deject the old guard, being that this has happened before. Sometimes new things can lead to better things.

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