Virgo On The Horizon

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Its my birthday!

As I get older and a tad bit wiser today, I can look back at all the things that have happened, all that I have now, and all that I can stand to gain in the future — and you know what? Its not half-bad!

Yep! I still have my health, a roof over my head, and a working metro card and a car to get me where I need to be, all with -163 bucks in the bank.

But hey, I’m still pretty lucky.

Hell, I’m luckier than most of the people I know, which tells me that I’m either really blessed, or that I need to stop hanging out with those less fortunate than me.


I took a look at my horoscope tonight (I am a classic Virgo! and a Tiger too!) and while Venus is in residence this month, which will lead to lots of fun, self-love pampering, but consequence of a slight diva-like behavior things are looking up, ideas are being born, motivation is starting to rev-up again, and confidence has moved up a notch or three.

I’m thinking about where I want to be by the end of 2014, and what moves I want to make (literal and figurative) and having more faith that I can overcome challenges, and soon I will be ready to try a very big challenge in a few short months.

So Virgos! Do you have (had) a birthday this month? What are plans, fears, challenges, and goals ahead?

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37 thoughts on “Virgo On The Horizon

  1. My initial thought when I found your writing, was, “she’s awesome.” Now I see you’re a Virgo and I think…no wonder!!! πŸ™‚ Happy belated birthday!!

    I am a Virgo as well. My biggest fear looking forward is the unknown and not living at my highest potential. Even though I drive myself nuts always trying to be better…

    I am always afraid that I am not good enough, even when the facts reveal otherwise. This is especially scary for me now because I’m starting a new job after ten years of working for the same place.

    I understand that you have to clear space for new things to be invited in, but it still is scary.

    I just want to encourage you as a Virgo and any others who read this to stay finely tuned into the art of positive thinking. I’m all about affirmations and they keep me going personally.

    We (Virgos) know that we can work hard and we know we’re capable of inspiring other people, but do we know that we are just as deserving to receive greatness?

    Could we dare to believe that this is the year to achieve it or will we continue to shrink into the shadows while they steal our shine?


    1. Hi Nelly, You explained alot of what I was feeling. People tend to get “comfortable” with the status quo, even if they aren’t happy with the way things are…why? Because they are afraid of the unknown. Kudos to you starting a new job and moving on to different things, its when you start to feel like you’re settling, is when its time to shake things up. I know that things will go well for you, and I hope to hear more about your new job and how you are shining this year.


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