Online Dating: 4 Tools That May Keep You Safe

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With a surge of dating sites and apps, online dating has become the norm. Hey, it’s how TheGirl met the reporter, after all! Most websites and apps require a detailed profile or access to your social media accounts including Facebook. Whenever you pony up personal information online, you take on some risks. Keep it fun and practical sans the danger with these tools. It’s better to be prepared and know that you’ve protected yourself before opening up to complete strangers and letting others into your personal life online.


Lifelock is a company that protects users against identity theft. Through its system, it tracks and alerts you if someone is trying to use your identity for different services. Based off of five points of protection including monitoring, scanning, restoring, guaranteeing and tracking, you can have peace of mind that your identity is protected. Not only do you have that guarantee, Lifelock also sends alerts to your email or phone whenever a threat is detected, and each month members are sent a summary email of their account with a report on the health of your identity. Another added bonus is that the company sends out newsletters about the latest security breaches so you can be proactive and protect yourself.


Not only should you have your cellphone on you at all times, alert friends and let them know of your exact location. Call them when you get to the location and when you arrive home safely after the date. Another way to use your phone to protect yourself is to set up tracking. All smartphones are equipped with a GPS device that tracks your phone. These location services must be set up and activated before finding your device, so make sure that you are all set before you go on your first date.

5Star Urgent Response

Along with GPS tracking, this small device that can be attached to your key chain has a built-in emergency response system. For those who do not have a smartphone or want to take the extra step to protect themselves, this 5Star device offers online tools that track your location. Give the login to a close friend or family member so they can track where you are if you go on a date. Also, the device offers instant access to an emergency and medical alert system at the push of a button.

Background Check

After you’ve met up with someone a few times, it might behoove you to run a background check on the person. Although it may sound a little extreme, doing a background check is a great way to protect yourself before you get in too deep. For as little as a few dollars, you can find out someone’s past public records including any criminal action, divorces and legal action taken against him or her. Detailed reports can give you peace of mind and an early heads up if there are past behaviors that you should have reservations about.

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