The Wonders of Italian Beauty (Free Giveaways Inside!)

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Wow, these last two weeks have been crunch time for me!

I attended a spa launching in the SoHo district of Manhattan; the salon, La’Alegria, has been in business for over two decades providing “warm and intimate” services to their clients with authentic all-natural Italian products.

So first thing I noticed is that the salon was full of folks from the neighborhood, even those that were not regular customers. You don’t usually get that with many salons, so after talking with people who came to support the new launching– I was impressed. This business has made a positive impact.

Another important factor to me is diversity.

Beauty salons, sadly in my experience, have not always been competent to work with clients of color. Even though I have not used Erbe products nor have been a client of theirs; the crowd had men and women of different races and ages. One African American woman had even flown in for the weekend to attend the launch. She has been using their skin care products for ten years, and even though she lives out-of-state, she still orders them and have them shipped to her.

So with products that are all-natural and not tested on animals, it seems that a cream or cleanser from this line may end up in my bathroom cabinet soon enough.

Every attendee was given a $30 gift certificate to use at the spa; thus, as a gift to my dear readers I am giving away the gift certificate. It expires in February 2016, so if you are in New York, or planning to take a trip here within the next year, why not treat yourself at La’ Alegria Spa?

So I will choose one random winner who follows me on twitter here and tweets out the link of this post (you can do this via the sharing button below). Make sure my handle @ReporterandGirl is included in the tweet and the hashtag #SpaGiveAway

But that’s not all!

This past Valentine’s/Singles’ Awareness Day I also did a swanky event at Bed Vyne Brew in Brooklyn, where I sold autograph copies of my debut novel. It was very exciting and we even ended up staying longer than originally planned; folks also responded positively to the brief readings I did.

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Is that what I think it is?

I had brought some props that were featured in the book (as you can see to your left). But most importantly, everyone had fun and a good time. The band was awesome and the wine was flowing, so I really want to give a shout-out to Bed Vyne Brew for hosting me and the lovely ladies to feature my book and their wonderful body oils.

Thus, I will also give away a signed paperback copy of The Reporter and The Girl! Just follow me on twitter and tweet the phrase:

But love is another world altogether…& this is not a love story @ReporterandGirl #DebutNovel #BookGiveAway

So happy tweeting, following, and hastagging folks! I’ll see you on the horizon!

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Aromatherapy: Scents For The Soul

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***This Saturday, at Bed-Vyne Brew in Brooklyn, will be my book signing, scented oils release, and wine!***

Got a case of the winter blues? A lot of people get sad this time of year — the days are short and dark, it’s cold and dreary and we spend most of our time shut away indoors. You’re listless, don’t have much enthusiasm and generally just feel blah.

If you’re also experiencing changes in your eating or sleeping habits, feeling hopeless or worthless or thinking about suicide, you could be suffering from a serious form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In this case, seek medical attention as soon as possible. But if you’re symptoms are less dire and more doldrum-y, you may benefit from aromatherapy.

What’s Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils and plant extracts to maintain and promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being. According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, the French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse coined the term his 1937 book, “Aromatherapie.”

Inhaling these aromatic essential oils stimulates the sniffer’s olfactory system, which sends a signal to his or her limbic system — the part of the brain that controls emotions and retrieves learned memories. This signal causes a release of chemicals that can make the subject feel calm and relaxed or alert and stimulated, depending on the scent and the individual’s emotional response to it.

The scientific community has no hard proof that aromatherapy can directly heal you from a physical ailment, but there is ample evidence that it can make you feel good and boost your mood. This study found a link between aromatherapy and mood enhancement, and as William Malarkey, professor of internal medicine and one of the study’s researchers pointed out, “If an individual patient uses these oils and feels better, there’s no way we can prove it doesn’t improve that person’s health.”

Using Aromatherapy to Boost Your Mood

Aromatherapy is practiced by rubbing the essential oil on the skin or inhaling the scent. These oils can also be included in massage oils, lotions and candles. Here’s a guide to get you started:

  • As an air freshener. Citrus (particularly lemon) oils are a great way to stimulate the senses and help you feel energized. Add a few drops of the essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water and spray the room a few times.
  • In the bath or hot tub. Geranium, lavender and bergamot reduce anxiety and stress. Add 6-8 drops of these to your bath, or add crystal beads and elixirs scented with these oils to your bath or hot tub.
  • As you relax. Essential oils of juniper, rosemary, lavender, fennel, carrot, grapefruit, lemon and cedar wood are all said to increase feelings of happiness and well-being. Add a few drops to a warm, wet wash cloth and place it on your forehead as you relax.
  • In lotion and massage oil. Add several drops of chamomile, sage or clove oil to your favorite unscented lotion or to jojoba oil.
  • In a plain, unscented candle. Light an unscented candle and add a few drops of jasmine, juniper berry, peppermint or ylang ylang oil to the melted wax as it burns.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your oils. Keep trying combinations and delivery methods until you find the combination that works for you. You can find essential oils at health food stores, alternative/New Age shops and, of course, online.

**I hope to see you all at Bed Vyne, we will also perform sensual massages demos with the new body oils. Share with me your favorite scent!**


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Love You Up! See S.C Rhyne Next Weekend

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I am having an event on Valentine’s Day at the Bed Vyne Brew in Brooklyn.

I’m really excited; I teamed up with two lovely ladies who make their own hand-made natural oils, with unisex scents.  I have actually been using her oils for almost a year now and am very pleased with the way it moisturizes and soaks into my skin, while giving me a fresh and light scent. My favorite so far has been the lotus lavender scent.

We will have paperback copies of my book for sale, as well as bottles of the oil.  For those who are interested in Ebooks, I will give away a coupon code for those who come so they can purchase the Ebook at 60% off! I will be doing a couple of readings as well as live demos of sensual massages with these scented all-natural body oils.

There will be live music by the band Nafsi Groove, some light refreshments, and of course great wine!

And, this is just a rumor —

Its possible that we will debut a scent inspired by The Reporter and The Girl novel!

Hhmmmm….A sensual experience awaits us.

I hope to see you all there!


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The Thin Line Between Challenged and Overwhelm

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So this week has been pretty painful, I was out two days, one sick and one less sick; but we were closed on Tuesday because of the storm. Although I was sick, I still worked from home on both days.

So much for rest…

Then there was the cram of 5 days of work into 3 when the office re-opened on Wednesday. I’m always amazed to see the big things that people cram into small…spaces. Hhmm-mmm.

Anyway, two folks from my office are on their way out to other opportunities. One of the persons, made the announcement but the other person just kinda broke down in the middle of a staff meeting about the workload and expectations for the job.

I counted that one as a sign.

The ever increasing workload is tough. This is very true for me. It does feel like sometimes I’m buried up to my neck in the mud of work, and I’m screaming out for help but no one can hear me. Instead of, “Hey, what can I do to take this off my plate” its “Hey, I need you to also take this on.” Because I have nothing else to do.

But, there is a silver lining: everyday I move a little forward. I complete more tasks, closeout projects, and am one day closer to when budget season ends and there is moment of reprieve from emails, calls, and more emails.

So, how do you deal with time management and workload?

I wake up at 5 a.m to start my day and come home 9 p.m at nights, and believe it or not, there are just not enough hours during the day. I also like to make to-do lists for myself, because when I start to stress, it seems like a million things, but when I write them down and begin to cross them out, it was like 5 or 6 things, that each took 5 minutes (I can be dramatic sometimes)!

One of those items on my to-do list is planning an event, in Brooklyn, a signing for my book and a co-launch of body oils product. I’ll definitely keep you guys in the loop when details are finalized and a flier is out. But expect it to happen on good ole Saint Valentine’s weekend.

So, share with me the secrets to your success in the workplace in dealing projects, people, and stress!

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