Like Your Wedding Day, Plan An Unforgettable Anniversary

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The day you and your spouse exchanged vows was the most perfect, memorable and exciting day of your lives up until then. Now you’re looking forward to another one of those amazing, memorable days…but once you’re married, what day is that? For some, it’s the day you become a parent, but not every couple wants kids. Does that mean, if you decide not to have kids, you’ll never have another perfect, memorable best-day-of-your-life day?

Of course not. Who says you can’t have at least one of those every year? Kids or no kids, your wedding was the first of the perfect-memorables, so it makes sense to celebrate every anniversary as though it’s your wedding day; except without the white dress and guest list of 100. So go above-and-beyond for anniversaries to pay respect to the day that changed everything forever.

Treasure Hunt

This can be an exciting way to not only have some fun with each other, but help build the suspense and anticipation for what comes after. If you are going to do a scavenger hunt, make sure you take some time a few days in advance and plan everything out. Determine how large you want the hunt to be. Is it going to just involve areas of your house or will you be venturing all over the neighborhood?

Set everything up a day or two in advance. You can write the clues and hide them at any time, just make sure they are places that your spouse won’t come across on accident before the hunt starts. You can do this as a surprise to him or her or you can both plan a scavenger hunt for the other, ending at the same place. You can even change things up and do scavenger hunts where the hints include items like candles or chocolates or toys that have to be collected and possibly even be used later in the evening.

Boating Adventure

Sometimes the perfect day is simply getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, even if it’s just for a few hours. If this is what you are thinking, consider taking a cruise out on the lake. The peaceful waters and beautiful scenery are often the ideal setting for a romantic day or evening with your husband or wife. Just make sure you cover all your bases, as most states in the U.S. and Canada require a boat operator’s license. The last thing you want is for your evening to be ruined because of a legal snafu.

Picnic Under the Stars

As long as the weather permits, a nighttime picnic is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate another year of marriage. Find the perfect spot and set everything up earlier in the day: a large comfortable blanket, flowers and rose petals strewn about, champagne and desserts waiting in a cooler. You can even bring along a portable speaker to add some ambiance with both light and music.

Remember, your wedding anniversary only comes around once a year; although you’ll never forget the day you said “I do,” by taking that extra little step to make your husband or wife feel special and appreciated, you can relive that beautiful day every year and keep your marriage brimming with love and romance.


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