A Winning Wednesday

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I apologize for the delay, but I finally heard back from the winners of the #SpaGiveAway and the #BookGiveAway from a couple of weeks ago!

Thus, I want to formally congratulate Cyndi Barber (@CNeverenufshoes). She will receive a copy of The Reporter and The Girl! For the next prize, the spa gift certificate to La’Alegria will go to Lee Ann Howlett (@lah_ann)!

So if you meet either of these wonderful ladies on twitter, please send tweets of congratulations!

I’m still currently running the $100 shopping spree of Necessary Clothing’s online store.

This giveaway is only open to U.S Residents and to enter all you have to do is follow and tweet me or post on my Facebook fan page the phrase:

Take me on a #ShoppingSpree @ReporterandGirl for 100 bucks! #BlogContest

So remember to follow me on twitter or like my fan page and post that phrase! You can visit the trendy retailer’s website at http://necessaryclothing.com/

Blog contest will end March 31st.

And even if you have not yet won a prize from one of my blog contests; today we are all winners! As the biggest goal is not getting a free book or some clothes, but rather to make a change in your life or someone you care about for the better. So what happened to you today that made you a winner?

Today, I drove 150 miles outside of New York City, at the crack of dawn, to reconnect with old mentors from my college. I also got a couple a of good leads, in terms of networking and professional development. #WinningWednesday! So share me your #WinningWednesday story.

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