Good Pain

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I woke up this morning with what I reluctantly describe as good pain.

The spot under my armpits are sore, there’s a part of my hamstrings — right under the gluts– that feels like its about to pop out.

And I feel like I may have broken my neck during my sleep.

With the exception of that last part, every other muscle ache is due to good ole exercise in the gym from the day before.  Pain that will eventually fade as I kneed, stretch, massage, and rework the muscle. I’ll train my muscles and joints with more exercises until it sinks into memory.

But what really is bothering me is the uptick in temperature, the longer solar hours, and accumulation of dust on my furniture.

Its Spring.

While most of us are happy to leave old man winter behind (so am I!), there is something in my muscle memory that brings back a slight ache and throb. I like to blame it on the traumatic experience of having to stuff all my sweaters in a crate and haul the damn 30 pound (13.6 Kg) box up a flight of stairs into the attic and lifting it overhead onto the top shelf.pain, good pain, S.C Rhyne, inspirational quotes

Yes! I worked out all winter just to do Spring cleaning.

But its something more than that.

Its the season of going out of hibernation and socializing. Perhaps even meeting new people or starting new relationships.

Its was during this time I met Jon and broke up. I even lost my job in the summer too.

But while I’m still happy single, it sucks because my coupled friends (best friend and cousins) will be out and about with their partners — probably having ice cream while walking along the boardwalk, or going to the movies to see the 22nd installment of the Fast and Furious series, or whatever it is that people do nowadays as a couple. Oh, have sex. Lots and lots of hot and sweaty sex that fills the humid air with screams and moans to be heard by the single people like me next door.

But pain is just a reminder of your survival, and as long as I have summer Fridays at work; I’ll survive. Until next year, old man winter.

Share the love and share the pain. What is your good pain story?