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Happiness seems to be getting a little harder to find these days.

Granted, I’m not in a position to complain much: bills are paid, roof is strong, belly is full, and I can still walk normally.

But I feel stuck. There is no excitement, challenges, or anything new, nor anyone new. Just the same old, same old. Thus, this week I’ll be making some very important decisions regarding my future here in New York City and my chance to free myself from the waste-deep mud of work and home.

In other words, currently I am not doing what I love; thus I am not happy. In fact, I cried this week on my commute home. Thus, its time for a change as it doesn’t seem that I am able to cope anymore.

I can’t say anything yet, because nothing is definitive and I am struggling with a bunch of “what ifs” scenarios. But I think its time for me to take risks and hopefully get a positive ROI on a risky venture.

Hopefully, there will be more news to come soon…

So have you had to “reinvent yourself” at some point in life or make a leap to find happiness? Please share with me your tips for success at:

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