I Quit My Job

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I had given three weeks notice to my boss and eventually told everyone else on staff, one-by-one that I was leaving. Friday was my last day there, and it felt real and flew by all too quickly; even though the week had felt slow.

I still felt like there was one or two more ends I needed to tie up, but alas, my direct supervisor told me that most of my day-to-day work that I listed on my exit document was low priority and she wasn’t worried about transitioning it over. Hence, I knew that I just needed to let go. After all, if I’m the one leaving, I can’t still be stressing about the work coverage, right?

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Thus, I ex-communicated myself from the calendars, project management software, shared documents, because heck– there are people on there that left six months ago that still have access to those things; and right now I need to detox a little and not have to worry about getting up at 6 a.m to check emails. Not sure, if those people are still working on projects months after they left, but nonetheless, I know I will not.

This is a huge risk, but you have to follow your dreams–or live a nightmare.

So did you quit your job this week? Or tell me about your most memorable quitting experience!

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