The Longest Weekend

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What a weekend! I must say, every year when I reach this time, its usually a celebration as my birthday and Labor Day are never too far apart, but to fall within a day of each other, had me living in a haze for the past 72 hours.

The above collage are just snapshots from events and doings since Friday. I received a mysterious dozen red roses on my doorstep on Friday night…so I’m feeling the love!

I went from a late night steak dinner on Friday, to spending all Saturday night at New York City’s first and only casino, Resorts World, to the fame Labor Day parade on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn today. Not to mention, cramming all my normal routines like; going to the gym, three loads of laundry, softball practice (which I watched, since I couldn’t play because of sprained wrists), and daydreaming about a guy.

Yes, I do need to carve out some time for that last one.

On Thursday and Friday, both my introductory subscription boxes came in. I signed up for a promotion with Try The World, which is a food box of ethnic culinary. I received a Japan and France box, in another month, I will get a box from another country.

I also received Julep, which is a makeup subscription box, and received a “September Bombshell” nail polish in honor of my Virgo heritage.

By Sunday night, I was able to kick back and indulge in some homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate mousse, as you see in the top picture. Feel free to check out this recipe for my favorite flavored ice cream.

So, speaking of Virgos, I have been posting a lot on my Facebook account about Virgos. If you remember last year, I dedicated a post about it on my birthday, I am still your classical Virgo woman. I don’t have -163 in the bank account, but unfortunately my gambles at the casino didn’t lead to that big pay day I hoped for.

I’ve been a bit obsessed about astrological readings lately. Almost every website that I looked on about Virgo women in relationships, work, or personality, say the exact same thing and it fits me to a T. Hence, I have joked about putting a public notice to find a Taurus or Capricorn man, or possibly a thick-skinned Pisces (the last Pisces…well you know). This is not an official call, but if you are….feel free to comment below.

Alright! Enough chatter, here are my goals for this birth-year.

Better health:

Not just physically, but also mentally. When I’m hurt, I’m going to take care myself immediately and not wait for the pain to “just go away” by itself. I also need to make more down time for myself to just decompress. Its hard for Virgos to shut our brains off, but I need to find a way. I have found that since leaving my full time work, I have been happier in general. Just a happier person. Broke, but happy.

More involved:

I don’t have a lot of time. But I do want to become more involved in some community activities. I’m a volunteer on paper right now, as I have not had a lot of time to actively participate. I did start being more social (as I had complained earlier this summer), and am participating in a couple adult sport teams (hence the sprained wrists).


This is one is the kicker. I started the end of last year, and then the holidays came and I never picked back up. I need to get into the habit of writing my chapters again. I have a couple so far, but I feel out of practice and out of habit of doing so. I say, “I’m going to write the next chapter at 2pm,” but then next thing you know, its 8pm and I haven’t even opened up a blank word document. This always happen to me.

I definitely appreciate any suggestions, especially for the last goal. I would really like to achieve some of these in a few weeks or a couple months at most. If you had a birthday this summer, I also want to hear your wishes and goals for your new stage of life!

As always, you can reach me on social media on Facebook, twitter, or G+ to name a few! I am also on pinterest sharing recipe ideas and pictures.

S.C Rhyne

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