Its All Downhill From Here

I hope everyone enjoyed the short week; for me it couldn’t end fast enough.

Not only did I not go to the gym all week (and this usually is when bad things start to happen), but a lot of things started to…fuck up.

Things were FUCKING UP left and right, up and down, and all around. I was fucked over so many times that Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy couldn’t last with the week I had.

Thursday was the worst. Have you ever had three cars die on you in one afternoon? All I wanted to do was get my hair done, shower and dress, maybe play around with a little eyeliner for a get-together in the evening. Since it looked like it would rain, and a fresh hair-do and torrential rainstorms are frowned upon circumstances, I just needed a car to take me there (1 mile away) and back.

After two unsuccessful tries, I finally was able to get a car to take me there, but not back. So I waited for the bus as the rain started to come…and waited, and waited. I didn’t have much time to play around with eyeliner as I got home because now I had to take the bus and subway to my evening rendezvous.

But my train was delayed due to an incident, signal problems, or some other vague explanation that NYC’s transit operators may or may not announce.

So much for getting out more.

Well, the fuckery didn’t stop there. After mingling with my colleagues, I went to a food table to find something to eat when, no kidding, a guy says to me, “Hey, aren’t you that girl who wore the vintage baseball shirt a few weeks ago?”

So no way, right? A guy recognizes me from a shirt I borrowed from my brother and wore once almost a month ago. And he remembered how I got it, and where I was from, and he thought he saw me on some random day…yadda yadda yadda. So I start talking and asking questions, his name is Tim. But then Tim’s friend, Paul, came by and he introduced me and I’m polite and say hello to Paul and asked what he does…and Tim walked away. He starts talking to a group of girls!!

So I’ve been winged! PUA’d! FUCKED!

Anyway, I’m still smiling and talking to Paul and asking him about his background, when I noticed that Paul’s speech became…broken. In other words, he started hesitating and saying things like, “Uhhhh…ummmm…well…” How hard is the damn question, “Why did you choose this field of law?” But then I see it: the matrimonial ring of death on his left hand. He had been visibly making a show of stroking his face and chin so hard with it, he might as well have bitch-slapped me and told me kiss the gold-colored band. Especially since the guy is right-handed. His bitch-slapping hand.

Well, that’s the end of that. Where’s Tim? (These aren’t real names, by the way).

girl alone at the bar, girl smoking, hazy picture, S.C Rhyne

Friday was a little better. Remember that time I wrote about my men problems? Yes, so after several months I agreed to a dinner and a boat ride as a treat for my birthday with Mr. Fifty-something. We agreed to it last week, and things seem normal until Tuesday night. I was coming home from a walk when he gave me a call. This was around 8:30 and I was just reaching my doorstep; so I asked to call him back in a half-hour, which I did and he didn’t answer, so I left a message.

Now, all my friends know, I’m physically in bed by 9pm, and gone by 11, maybe before then. But sometime around 11pm, I heard the phone ring until the answering machine picked up. After that, it rang and rang and rang again. In my dreamy haze, it sounded like it had rung for 15 minutes straight! I got up to answer, thinking its some huge issue. Turns out, he just wanted to say, “Hi”.

“Oh, are you sleeping?” He asks.

NO! I’m fucking a guy half your age, you prick!

“Yes.” I reply. After looking at the caller ID, the dude had called me four times in a row! Ironically, when it came time to meet on Friday, he was totally normal. No weird advances, kept his hands to himself, and we hung out and talked about things I would normally talk about with a friend. In fact, I even gave him advice about his ex-girlfriend who keeps popping into his life.

Today, nothing happened and that’s the way I like it. Geez, who knows what next week will bring. If I’m lucky, maybe a bullet to the head! Work sucks and I still haven’t heard back from prospective schools and graduate programs.

It all headed downhill this week. All one could do was strap on a seat-belt (or a condom, if you’re getting fucked) since so much was out of control. Have you ever had a really bad week? Or bad day? What do you do to weather the storm?

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13 thoughts on “Its All Downhill From Here

  1. Yes, it does not seem to be uncommon that a load of hussles and bad moments that would usually be suffcient for half a year comes over us on a single day. Or maybe that simply seems to be so. Maybe after the first bad luck event, we become sensitized to recognize a second one within a few hours of time as unlikely to be just by chance, and from there become even more sensitized to recognize a third case of bad luck as evidence of a whole series. It is really an interesting case and should be considered by psychologists. Maybe you contact some scientists at Columbia University to propose a research project on this issue. As a personal advice of how to interrrupt such a vicious circle of bad luck experiences: Try to do something immediately in a field where you know that you are good and can easily have success. And choose a field where you can judge this success yourself, not depending on other peoples opinion. Like your favorite hobby, music playing, dancing, doing some creative work or so. I am sure you have plenty of such talents.
    Good luck (I mean: Plenty of lucky moments on a day, more than one would expect in half a year),

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    1. Dear Michael, I will probably need a therapist to deal with that one day. But you’re right, I channeled it into writing and I seem to be successful at it. Thanks for the advice. Do you have a particular go-to hobby?

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      1. Hi, I’m not sure about a therapist. I think just a bit of laid-back attitude is enough. This apparent coincidence of misfortunes is really neglectable if you compare, for instance to what people had to deal with 14 years ago in the same city.
        If I have a day that makes me feel overloaded with bad luck, I play some tunes on the guitar or go out to the garden to adjust some flowers. I heard that physical activity is helpful to, but appart from a daily bike rides to work I don’t do any competitive sport.
        best regards,Michael


      1. I suppose “needy” would be a pop culture way of looking at it. I dislike the word myself – as relationships are not about “succeeding” or “failing”. They are about finding people you mesh well with…if you, yourself need to be able to call him repeatedly till he wakes up and talks to you – then this is pretty fair behavior, right?

        I was going somewhere else with this example of him calling till you answer (4 times I read). I said “flags” because only you can decide what’s important and how you will deal with it…

        A) Emergency – the police / fire / medical situation & you need to come to the hospital or his home to help or comfort. This is about the only reason a health person should be ringing (without prior agreement – like you tell him you work night shift or you’ll wait up for him that night).

        Here’s the speculation stuff … I try to not assume things about people or motivation … but in dating you use clues to see how people’s lives work to decide if you want to spend your life with them…

        B) He has no idea what social norms are or doesn’t care – if this is the case, maybe he works nights & you could just make an agreement with him on when it’s appropriate to call.

        C) He had a really good/bad day & needs someone – I’m not sure how deep you too are in yet – to chat up.

        D) He is overly controlling, you will do what he wants & he will do what is necessary (calling in this case) until you agree. Theoretically, what if you didn’t answer – he might show up at your place and bang on your door till you answer? It does happen.

        The answer “D” is unlikely, but it’s why I would be careful and make sure he doesn’t find out where you live for a couple months till you can tell if this phone calling thing was a fluke or not…if you are determined to put up with it.


  2. Hey there, thanks to like one of my post! It made me found out about your blog and I am having such a good time reading it.
    Btw, of course I had a really bad day, and a bad week too… and a month, year, era!
    But you know what? When something starts the wrong way, often it keeps getting worse and worse and worse. Till the point it is so messed up that one can only laugh about it! That’s what I do to weather the storm =)


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