Guest Post: Stumped About His Birthday Gift? 4 Easy Gift Ideas for Your Man

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This year, instead of the standard tie, gift card and car accessories, why not wow your man while giving him gifts that will make you happy, too. Yes, that’s right, under the guise of generosity you can get your man some toys that will make your life easier and maybe even bring you closer together.

Man Crate

If your guy is a manly-man, get him a Man Crate — it’s so manly that he has to open the box with a crowbar. Choose the perfect theme, such as eating, drinking or outdoors, and have fun watching him dig through the items in his crate. For example, if you choose one from the eating category, it can be filled with exotic meats, jerky, coffee or hot sauce. The best part is, if you like the same types of foods, you can sneak a taste when he’s not looking.


We cannot say enough about Leatherman tools. No matter your man’s interests, chances are that Leatherman makes a tool or product that will suit him perfectly. From multi-tools and pocket knives to hunting gear and tread, Leatherman understands your man’s need to repair things, even if they sometimes aren’t broken. For the guy who isn’t afraid to accessorize, get him Leatherman Tread, a wearable bracelet of all of the important tools in life. Not only will you be getting him something to match his lifestyle, it will look pretty sexy on him, too.

NFL Tickets

Taking an interest in your man’s interests is the way to his heart. If you’ve previously shied away from fully engaging with him on game day, change that this year by committing some time to a hobby he truly enjoys. Surprise him by getting him tickets to see his favorite team play using the official Ticketmaster NFL Ticket Exchange to ensure authenticity and a great seat. Or, if watching the game is the thing he likes to do with his buddies, you can surprise him and his friends with primo tickets and have the house to yourself on game day. Either way, the situation is a win-win.


Have you always hated those La-Z-Boys that he keeps hinting belong in your living room? You’re not alone and there are ways you can both be happy and comfortable. Admittedly, after a hard day’s work, it is awfully nice to sink into a recliner with an ice cold beer. Knowing this, instead of settling for an ugly monstrosity that you will only allow in the house if it is relegated to the basement, why not opt for something stylish with all the creature comforts included? Check out Restoration Hardware for beautiful, vintage leather recliners that will suit your needs and his desires. This way you can both love the space you live in.

While we know that the man in your life may not ask for much, treat him right on his birthday and go the extra yard to make him feel special, trust us, he’ll love it.